Step inside the ring of fire: Arcadia 2017

May 26, 2017

Since the dawn of time, people have gathered around fire to celebrate the human spirit. From the timeless magnetism of a crackling campfire to a 50 tonne spider shooting 60 foot flames into the night sky, this primal rite has remained constant through the ages.

Born and bred on Glastonbury soil, Arcadia set off on a nomadic journey across continents. With a nationalist tide rising, the ultimate outsider, a giant fire breathing alien spider sought to explore the shared elements that bind us together, creating a vivid sensory world where people from all backgrounds and cultures could come together in an eruption of collective energy.

Arcadia return home to Worthy Farm after having circumnavigated the globe twice in 2016. Gleaming with intensity, the iconic Spider is built from repurposed military and industrial hardware, with each piece telling its own story and every last bolt charged with the energy of thousands.

Mirroring that ethos of transformation is Arcadia’s acclaimed Metamorphosis show which channels ideas of physical and metaphysical evolution. Metamorphosis sees aliens flying from the sky, new creatures born from spellbinding cocoons, baby spiders crawling overhead and 6 million volts of lightning played like an otherworldly musical instrument.

With a pulsating line-up throughout the weekend, Sunday sees a special early performance of Metamorphosis as the sun sets over the festival. A ceremonial moment to begin the final hours, Sunday is also the perfect time for kids to come see the show.

Step inside the ring of fire for an explosion of raw sensory mayhem, high octane connection, immersive symphonies and rampaging euphoria. This is Arcadia.


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