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Shangri-La is a shimmering ephemeral city that appears magically, once a year, within Glastonbury Festival.

These vast interactive installations are brought to life by a creative team of over 1,500 crew, performers and artists. Renowned for its influence, originality, artistic quality and attention to detail, this is a fantasy world to fall into, with layers upon layers to explore.


The dystopian pleasure city dedicated to fun was destroyed. Throughout its turbulent history it had suffered a corrupt administration, a rebel overthrow, a deadly virus, a failed colonisation and hungry aliens but still people continued to rave. Neglecting to prevent their world from destruction, the inhabitants of Shangri-La were annihilated only to continue their journey through the Shafterlife.

Here they explored a myriad of contemporary sins and corporate horrors. After the flinchingly realistic horrors of 2014, this year Shangri-Hell has been occupied. Every office has been taken over by some of the 99% desperate for change.

Shangri-La invites festival-goers to Occupy the experiential world that is Shangri-La.   Audience members are encouraged to make placards, tag the walls and meet some of the amazing creative activists on site this year.

Shangri-Heaven is a sanctuary for all those who refuse to dance the political hokey-cokey.. The people of Shangri-Heaven have made their own paradise simply by believing that they could and then getting on with it.


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