Glastonbury Festival 2010

Shangri-La is an immersive installation, a vast interactive fictional world brought to life by a creative team of over 1,500 crew, performers and artists. Renowned for its originality, artistic quality and attention to detail, it is an entire realm to fall into, with layer upon layer of creativity to explore.

The story so far:

Our dystopian pleasure city's days of 24hr excess and fun have come to an end. It had suffered a corrupt administration,  a rebel overthrow, a deadly virus, a failed colonisation and hungry aliens. All this and the people still continued the rave.    Neglecting to prevent their world from destruction, the inhabitants of Shangri-La were unable to prevent their world from being destroyed.

Now we follow the exploits of those Shangri-La citizens through The Shafterlife. Last year we focused on contemporary sins and salvations. This year Shangri-La explores the way we create heavens and hells for ourselves.

Shangri-Hell is revealed to be a corporation, the source of power behind all of the world’s most corrupted and cynically profiteering elite. It has bulldozed the old shantytown alleyways and built a shiny new headquarters divided into a maze of offices and bureaucratic departments….

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