Shangri-La is a shimmering ephemeral city that appears for only four days a year at Glastonbury Festival. Each year the narrative unfolds to reveal another layer of the storyline.

This fictional world is a huge immersive installation brought to life by a creative team of over 1500 crew, performers and artists. Renowned for its artistic quality, originality and attention to detail, it continues to inspire and influence other festivals.

The Story so Far

2008 – Part 1 – The Pleasure City

Shangri-La was a dystopian pleasure city dedicated to 24hr excess.

Over the next 5 years it suffered a corrupt government, a rebel overthrow, a deadly virus and imminent planetary destruction. But still the people continued to rave, refusing to compromise their lifestyle in favour of having a proper good party.

Ultimately however, that proved to be a bad idea, as our fictional Shangri-La was annihilated in 2012, the city and all its inhabitants wiped out by their own hedonism and apathy.

2013  -  Part 2 -  The Shafterlife

In the first episode of the Shafterlife series, we saw the souls make their ways through Shangri-Heaven and Shangri-Hell, encountering a myriad of contemporary sins on the way.  2014 saw Shangri-Hell rise in power, revealed as a corporation cynically bulldozing anything standing in its way.

The one thing it couldn’t bulldoze was hope.  So this year it’s having another go.

2015 will be the year we see Political Hell in Shangri-La.  The only relevant question will be: what do YOU stand for?

Glastonbury Festival 2010

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