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DO IT LIKE LIONEL, 4pm Glebeland, Thursday 25th June


Excitement is growing at Theatre and Circus HQ. Ideas are buzzing round the office and artists and performers from across the globe are being royally courted. Plans are being drawn up and negotiations made that guarantee you a myriad of entertainment for your delectation and delight.

Theatre and Circus Fields at Glastonbury Festival 2015

Make sure you take the time to experience and explore the Theatre & Circus Fields. The area offers an amazing array of entertainment, from the sublime to the ridiculous; a plethora of astounding, breathtaking and thought provoking acts.

T&C’s three fields host more than 1,500 shows each year.

Theatre and Circus has 8 main venues:

4 riser stages:

  • The Pavement (The corner of Circus Field and Markets)
  • Circus Central (Circus Field)
  • The Gateway (Glebeland)
  • A Little More Sensation (Bella’s Field)

Plus 100s of walkabout performances, ground shows, installations, workshops and more……

Follow Theatre & Circus – and share your T&C experiences with us – on Twitter at @glastotandc. And check out the official T&C YouTube playlist.

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