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After 2015 became one of the most spectacular and smooth (ish) festivals we can remember, the Theatre and Circus office is now awash with photos, feedback and thanks you cards from those who took part and we would like to say in return, a big big thank you to everyone for helping make the fields of T&C such a great place to visit, explore and enjoy.

Participation and “have a go” activities seemed to be more popular than ever. Zorbing, Bubble Football, Giant Twister and the Laughter Workshops provided light-hearted fun for all ages, and many adventurous people enjoyed the challenges of wire and slackline walking, flying trapeze and host of other “dare to try” experiences.

2015’s T&C flash mob dance was entitled “Do It Like Lionel” and over 3,000 people turned up in Glebeland on the Thursday afternoon to do just that. The invitation to dance on the ceiling was also taken up by the mainstage security team who could be seen giving it their all as Richie pumped out the song on the Pyramid Stage.

The creative juicer is already whirling away here at Theatre and Circus HQ. T&C talent spotters and artistic connoisseurs are out and about, searching high and low for new acts, experiences and diversions that we hope you can all enjoy come the summer.

For a taste of what to expect, view our Theatre and Circus 2015 highlights video courtesy of Mr Steve Connor above and please scroll down to enjoy a selection of 2015 photographs from Mr Charles Gervais.

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The Cloud Men 2015 CBT ___ 2015 The Black Eagles 2015-2 CBT ____ 2015 Outside Circus Stage _ 2015-3 Mr Peewee Druming Puppet 2015 Rod Laver 2015 Renee and Ronatta under bridge 2015 Cabaret John Cooper Clarke 2015 Astrolabe Los Excentricos 2015-2 Cabaret packed 2015 CBT packed 2015 J Toor in CBT 2015 CBT La Soiree 2015 CBT _ 2015 Astrolabe packed 2015 Stephen Frost allstars 2015 Astrolabe Michael Clark Company 2015 Voladores night shot Astrolabe from tower 2015 Astrolabe at night 2015 Sensation Seekers at night 2015 sensation seekers stage 2015 Glebeland packed 2015 Flashmob with Fez 2015 tor view lookout 2015 Glastonbury Free Press 2015 ministry of happy 2015 Gravity and other myths _ 2015 Voladores sunset 2015  Summerhouse 2015 Ready to open 2015 Zorb football spill Zorb football 2015 Voladores pole top Voladores 2015 Voladores pole 2015

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