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Welcome to Theatre and Circus

With 3 beautiful fields, 11 jam packed stages and nearly 400 acts on offer, you’re guaranteed to find things that’ll drop your jaw to the floor, put a song in your heart and set your pulse racing faster than a Formula One car.

The action starts from late morning and runs right through till the sun comes up again. From family-friendly morning shows in the Astrolabe Theatre to late-night high jinx in the Mavericks Club, T&C as it’s fondly known, has something for everyone, whatever the weather.

Right now we’re out busily hunting for the very best in global comedy, theatre and circus, and it will all be ready and waiting for your delectation and delight when those warm, long days of June return once again.

Below you can sample a taste of what’ll be on offer next time, courtesy of our natty 2016 highlights video, filmed and edited by Steve Connor, and a selection of fab photos shot by the camera shy Charles Gervais.

A very big thank you must go out to everybody involved in the 2016 festival. I know what you’re thinking folks, you’re thinking, ‘Wow, what a year that was, hard to remember yet impossible to forget’. Well bring on 2017, ‘cause you ain’t seen nothing yet!

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