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Theatre and Circus hosts some of the finest performers on the planet with 1500 shows featuring jaw-dropping spectacles, world-class theatre, top stand-up and cutting edge premieres commissioned specially for Glastonbury.

From late morning through to the early hours, shows run non-stop on our 11 stages and Glastonbury’s famous walkabout acts create a sea of random and unpredictable beauty, lunacy and hilarity in our three fields.

In the Circus Field visitors can become part of the action with lots of audience participation and the chance to learn juggling, slack rope walking, zorbing or even take a swing on the flying trapeze.

T&C proudly presents five Glastonbury Arts commissions for 2017 including ‘Staged’ by Circumference, which features three performers on an aerial platform as precarious as our perceptions, the Booze Brothers and their exciting fusion of comedy, juggling and mixology, ‘Game on!’ from the Media Workshop which brings to life classic board and computer games with live interactive projection and duelling aerialists, the ‘Double Bassicle’ fresh from Rimski’s yard and Pirates of the Carabina’s ‘Taxi” a black cab journey like no other.

The 2017 Glastonbury Arts Commissions are gratefully supported by Arts Council, England.


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