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At Worthy Farm, the Theatre and Circus team are busy creating an unforgettable spectacle, spanning five days in three of the most beautiful fields in Somerset. Featuring over 1000 performers from around the world, the action runs mid-morning right through to the wee small hours. There is always something for the whole family to enjoy. As well as jaw-dropping stunts, side-splitting comedy, and cutting-edge skills, our renowned array of colourful walkabout theatre acts will be roaming the fields day and night.

About Theatre and Circus

Everyone can get involved, with interactive games, juggling workshops, laughter yoga, slack rope walking, Portaloo escape rooms and of course the very popular and perilous Crate Stack Challenge. How high can you get?

From awe-inspiring circus acts to the top UK and international comedians, spoken word artists, and ground-breaking theatre, our fields are a tribute to the talent and creativity of our theatre and circus community. As always, our artists, performers, and crew are eager to make this the best Glastonbury festival yet. We can’t wait to welcome you to our fields!

This year, be sure to bring sure the kids along for some late-night LED hoop twirling at the Midnight Playground.

Midnight Playground by Dan Green


Where at Glastonbury might you find disorientated polar explorers, a flock of giant seagulls trying to steal your chips or a Hollywood director roping you in as cast and crew in his latest blockbuster?

The answer is the Theatre and Circus fields where Glastonbury’s famous walkabout acts immerse visitors in an interactive theatrical spectacle from 11am until the wee small hours.  The line-up has a huge variety of acts roaming the fields from Wednesday with more than ever out and about at night.

Acts include colourful characters breaking spontaneously into shows, paparazzi jostling for shots, mesmerising close-up magicians and spectacularly-costumed stiltwalkers.  And the props add another dimension, ranging from the Smallest Race on Earth to a motorised pushchair you might want to look twice at – the two babies in it go where they want, say what they want and emotions run high. Then there’s the giant Firebird leading dancing magpies through the fields, the High Flyers with their Mad Max/Leonardo da Vinci inspired early flying machine, and the magical musical Summer of Love Bike spreading the 60s vibe to name just a few.

“It’s like walking into a parallel universe – you don’t know what you’ll come across but it will be enchanting or clever, funny or downright ridiculous,” says Theatre and Circus area organiser Haggis McLeod.

“One of the best things for me is when I walk through and see people on the phone to their mates saying ‘you’ve got to come here, this is incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it.’ You can interact with the acts, pose for a selfie, or simply watch it all go by. Keep an eye out for enticing characters out to involve you in some nonsense!”

Walkabouts have been a feature at the festival since the Theatre and Circus fields began in the 80s, created by Glastonbury co-founder Arabella Churchill.  Some of the acts have been coming ever since; for others, this year will be their first Glastonbury experience.

The full line-up for Walkabout Theatre can be found here.


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