Spiritual support

Around the Festival site many different spiritual groups offer hospitality and sanctuary, and some provide welfare for those in need. You will not be expected to join in any acts of worship or other activities run by the tents, although you are welcome to join in if you wish. They are all present at the Festival to offer a service, and are open to everyone regardless of faith – or lack thereof.

The Church

Located at the top of Big Ground, near Welfare at the farmhouse and the main Medical Centre, the Church offers hospitality and a welcome to anyone. During the day there are free arts and craft and face painting. Simple sleeping arrangements at the tent are available for anyone in need, day or night. There is space to relax, be quiet, meditate or pray. Just drop in. The tent is run by Christians of all flavours and services take place during the day, every day at 11am and 5pm. On Sunday there is a Roman Catholic Mass at 9:30am and Holy Communion for all at 11am. If you’d like to know more contact Chris North, onc.north123@btinternet.com.

Hari Krishna

The Krishnas offer food and some simple welfare. They are situated in Holts camping field, near Oxylers Bridge.

Jewish tent

The Jewish tent is located in Holts camping field, near the Glade. It is a small tent which allows members of the faith to meet up on the Friday and celebrate together.

Muslim Prayer

Jumu’ah (Juma) will be prayed on Friday June 28, 2013 at 1:30pm. Any muslims, or others who are interested in learning more about Islam, are welcome to join in reading Namaz. This is not an official arrangement and there are no facilities, therefore it will be everyone’s responsibility to ensure their own wudhu and to bring a prayer mat. I intend to read Namaz in the Healing Field and will call Adhan at 1:15pm, but plan to be there well before. If you would like any further information or wish to make contact before going please email me at leekennedy1404@hotmail.com.

Healing Fields

Here you will find people of many different spiritual persuasions. The Buddhist Meditations centre, Hindu groups, Taoist groups and different pagan groups. They are on hand before, during and after the Festival, to offer a safe space, and to help in whatever way they can.

Iona Community

Located in the corner of the Field of Avalon, by the old railway track, the Iona Community has been a regular at the Festival for many years now. They are a dispersed Christian community with roots in Scotland but with members living in many places all committed to working for peace, social and environmental justice, the rebuilding of community and the renewal of worship. They offer a drop-in centre for conversation, counselling and worship and information on the Community itself and its concerns. For more information visit iona.org.uk.


The elemental team’s shared passion for creativity spills beyond the art and music found around their pretty marquee. They’re happy to quietly pray with you or have a chat round the campfire. Even when the venue gets loud, there’ll always be someone available. The tent and garden area can be found just below Tipi Village on the track between the Stone Circle and The Park.

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