Glastonbury Festival has a variety of toilet types and all are cleaned at least once a day.

Please don’t pee anywhere except in the loos. Urine can kill fish in the streams and pollute our beautiful farm.

All Festival loo points have either hand washing or hand sanitiser facilities – make sure you use them.  You are more likely to catch a bug from not washing your hands than from any other source.
These are the types of Toilet you will find at Glastonbury Festival

• LONG DROPS – a Festival tradition. Lockable and open air, once again we have built even more this year and now have over 2,000 across the site!

• COMPOST LOOS -  Glastonbury Festival now has over 1,000 compost toilets across the site.  Only toilet roll should be put down this kind of toilet and sawdust should be sprinkled after a ‘number 2’. The sawdust is located  outside the loos and you scoop a cup of it before you go to the loo.

• PORTABLE TOILETS – there are less plastic portable loos than ever on site but if you do come across one make sure you flush before and after each use as they become blocked quickly.

• DISABLED TOILETS - there are wheelchair accessible toilets on viewing platforms at all the main stages and throughout the site. These are locked to avoid them being misused. If you are registered disabled and require access to these toilets please contact prior to the start of the festival to apply for this access.

• URINALS and SHEPEES – there are over 700 metres of male urinals dotted across the site. The lovingly decorated female urinals known as “Shepees” are cared for by WaterAid volunteers who are also on hand to assist newcomers!  There is now a new shepee site over in the South East corner at Glasto Latino.

• WATERAID LATRINES - you can find these in the Sacred Space. They are lockable and open air. The latrines are examples of options available in the Third World & wonderfully looked after by WaterAid volunteers.

• FLUSHING TOILETS - for those who miss the comforts of home there are a small number of flushing toilets available which be found at the top of Big Ground close to the Hospital.
Please don’t flush anything non-biodegradable down any toilet. This means no rubbish, disposable nappies and most wet wipes.

Please Leave Facilities In The Condition You Wish To Find Them. Respect Each Other And The Farm.


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