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Our Green Policies

We want people to think about their journey to the festival: The Glastonbury festival site is in a large Green Field area which means transportation to the festival can be more challenging. We are doing everything we can to make our Public transport services run smoothly.


Our closest railway station is Castle Cary which is 15 minutes from the site, there are free shuttle buses waiting at the station to take you to the festival site. For more information on trains see here.


Coaches are one of the best – and greenest – ways to get to Glastonbury. In 2015, our official coach travel partner, National Express, will once again be running services from over 80 locations direct to the Festival’s own on-site coach station right by the Festival gates.  Click here for their website or click here to download the 2014 Coach Timetable.


As part of the Festival’s continued commitment to reducing audience transport CO2 emissions, since 2013 we’ve teamed up with two organisations to offer a range of facilities to enable you to cycle to the Festival.

We are pleased to announce that we will be running our two cycling schemes again in 2015.  “Pow Wow” – a guided cycle ride from Bristol over the beautiful Mendip hills with a support van carrying all the luggage. And “Bike to Glasto” for people who want to cycle to the site independently but have their luggage transported to the site from one of the 17 luggage drop-off locations in Bristol and around Somerset.

Those wishing to make their own, self-contained way to the Festival by bike will still be welcome to come and camp in the cyclists’ field. The Festival site is just a few miles south of Route 3 of the National Cycle Network, which runs between Glastonbury and Wells. For route planning advice, check out Cycle Streets’ Glastonbury Route Planner or the Dept of Transport’s Cycle Route Planner.

Click here for more info on cycling to the festival.


If you are travelling to the festival by car please think about car sharing and maximizing the number of people you travel with.

If you fancy car sharing there are liftshare website such as Gocarshare and lift share which can help you get in touch with other people needing or offering a ride to and from the festival. Click here if you want to find out more information on coming to the festival by car.


Any event with 177,550 attendees will generate significant levels of litter so we need to do everything we can to minimize the amount of litter that is produced onsite and try and limit what people bring to the site. We are really proud of our recycling facilities and our strong recycling team of 2000. During and after the festival we have a full production of line of people hand sorting all of the festival rubbish from the bins onsite in compostable materials (plates, cups,  food and cutlery) cans and plastic.

Water kiosks

In 2014 we introduced a re-usable stainless water bottle with WaterAid and the Raw Foundation, which could be refilled at taps across the Festival site. Click here for more info.

Love the Farm, leave no trace

The festival is committed to minimising the amount of waste, and managing the onsite collection of that waste efficiently, “reduce, reuse and recycle”. We want all festival goers to think ‘zero waste’ and to take home what they bring onto the festival site. We want festivals goers to think responsibly when they are packing there things to come to Glastonbury, don’t bring items that will end up in Landfill, or that you won’t be able to take back home again. “Limit what you bring, and clean up behind you.” The festival commits to continuing its policy of reducing the percentage of waste that goes to landfill, by placing controls on what is bought on site by staff, contractors, sponsors and traders and by emphasis on their responsibility not to bring items that will end in landfill. 49% of the rubbish was recycled last year.


All cans, glass, paper, wood and organic waste are separated and recycled. There are 15, 000 bins around the site clearly identified for either wet or dry recyclable materials or non-recyclable rubbish. We now hand sort out all the “other” waste bins across the site to separate the cans, cardboard plates, cups and  wooden cutlery – which are all compostable – and plastics bottles. We are really proud of our recycling operation and feel like it rivals any council recycling operation.

Love your tent

A tent is for life not just for a festival. We want people to not just buy the cheapest tent, spend a little extra and buy yourself a tent that is going to last you a lifetime of camping experiences rather than just a festival or summer.


Pack up your tent and take it home, we need everyone to take all the belonging they brought with them back home. This all comes under the umbrella of “Love the Farm, Leave No trace”.

Compost Toilets

We love compost toilets, they are the best example of an odour and  water free toilet that produce a wonderful product of compost after a year of decomposing which makes it the best type of toilet environmentally. We will have over 1000 this year across the site so between the compost loos and long drops, the old style plastic portable loos will be a thing of the past.

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