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This is the story of the oldest tree on the Glastonbury Festival site, in the back corner of the Green Kids field, within the Greenfields. It is over 500 years old, and we in Green Kids Area have always felt incredibly proud to be its “guardians” during festivals times.

Like all good ideas the Oak Tree Project started as a little acorn – we planted the seed, it is being nurtured and cared for, and evolving into a story. As the thoughts grew we asked Michael if we could put it on the website, and he agreed. Our hope is that, like the tree, and like the Festival, the Oak Tree project grows and grows for many years to come. We would like for everyone who has memories, associations, funny stories, photos, or any other comings and goings with the Oak Tree, to send them into us and we will add them to the collection here, as a permanent reminder of the beauty of time and wood.

We welcome any contributions to any part of this story.
Please email them to

January 2016:
I planted some up and here is a photo of them – I’ve got about 40 baby oaks that will be planted out in the spring. It was really lovely doing them, and I hope this year we get another good harvest. I feel really proud that we have got this far, and that we can plant them for the future.

What’s next ? –  Looking forward to seeing everyone this summer.  XX


September 2015:
I came down to the site  on a quiet and wet weekend in September, and collected acorns from the Old Oak tree in Green Kids, and from the younger Oak trees in Craft Field.    I was very lucky it was a good year for the acorn harvest.   I collected about 200 acorns, and then spent the next month distributing them to everyone who had written in via this page – so they got sent to about 40 people around the globe – who will plant them and grow them.  Most they stayed in the UK, but some they went as far as Poland, Canada, Germany, and America.    It was the best year that I have known for the acorns.

June 2015:
Well, at the end of the Festival 2015 we sent off TWO THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY SEVEN wishes via Yoko and her team to the Peace Tower in Iceland.  We ran Wish Trees on the Oak Tree in Green Kids Field; and on a dome in Green Crafts Field.   We were also able to put wishes on the Pagoda in Kings Meadow that The Dalai Lama spoke from, so we all felt very honoured and blessed.


10 Jul 2014:
For the 2014 Glastonbury Festival we were lucky enough to join up with Yoko Ono’s IMAGINE PEACE TOWER project.  Each day under the Oak Tree we had some of Yoko Ono’s WISH TREES – everyone, young and old, was invited to make their wishes and put them on the trees.  There were some of Yoko’s IMAGINE PEACE pencils specially made for Glastonbury 2014, for people to keep.  It was so popular that we developed “outreach” wish trees in the Craft field and in the Peace Garden at the Stone Circle.  At the end of the Festival the wishes have all been sent off to be taken to Iceland to the IMAGINE PEACE TOWER that Yoko made as a memorial to John Lennon, and as a beam of light to aid World Peace.  Find out more at



10 Oct 2013: Hi Everyone – – a glorious clear autumn day.  I’ve just been on site and seen our wonderful Oak Tree.  It has the best crop of Acorns that I have ever seen in my life… which is quite a short life compared to the Oak Tree. So, if any one out there would like a few acorns to have and grow into Oak trees, send your postal address to me at, and then I will send some out to you.

There is plenty of adivce on the web about various ways of germinating acorns. The most important thing seems to be making sure they do not dry out before planting, and being very patient. You can start with it in a pot. Even if you personally don’t have enough room to plant out a growing Oak, there will be plenty of people at the Festival in a couple of years’ time who would love to take it home and plant it out for you….

Jos and Suzie, the Oak Tree Project.


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