Greenpeace 2016

Did you make it to Glastonbury this year and did you get to the Greenpeace field? If you missed it, you missed out. Despite the mud it was the best year yet.

We transformed the Greenpeace field showing elements of what a low carbon city might look like decoupled from a high carbon future.  The main venue: the Engine room, farmers market, café, showers and skate park creatively highlighted developments like solar, wind farms and other sources of renewable energy.


Glastonbury Festival in the UK 2016 Glastonbury Festival in the UK 2016


Another first at Glastonbury was the Greenpeace virtual reality dome. Even Michael Eavis experienced David Attenborough’s spectacular visit to the Great Barrier Reef, which is under threat from mining and climate change.

Glastonbury Festival in the UK 2016


Many of you washed the mud away in the Greenpeace hot showers and conquered your fears by having a go on the amazing drop slide.

Glastonbury Festival in the UK 2016 davidmirzoeff_glastonbury_54 Glastonbury Festival in the UK 2016


The Greenpeace stage this year hosted some great musicians that included DJ Roni Size, Dub Pistols and Beans on Toast (image below). An all-female skateboard crew drew crowds to the ramp and Coldcut played chill out sounds in the time machine pods throughout the night…It all happened this year!

GP0STPXQH GP0STPXRS Glastonbury Festival in the UK 2016

Greenpeace built the field not only to entertain you but also to get the subject of clean energy kicked up the government’s agenda and make positive change happen here in the UK. Big oil is turning into old news and a 100% renewable future is achievable– we just need to grab it.

Many of you became Greenpeace supporters at Glastonbury, which is great news! Our effectiveness lies in our unique independence from government and corporate funding. This is only possible through the generous and incredibly appreciated support from people like you. A special BIG thank you to the Eavis family for continuing to support Greenpeace. Together we can make a difference.

To find out more about Greenpeace UK click here.

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