Greenpeace 2014

“At some time, in some place, we need to take a stand. I believe that time is now and that place is the Arctic.”
Sir Paul McCartney, Greenpeace supporter

If you walked up to the Green Fields you could not have missed our giant polar bear Aurora on the Greenpeace field. She was there to represent the Arctic and the dangers that this pristine area is facing. The Arctic is the earth’s spectacular air conditioning system and is now entering a spiral of decline because of our overbearing fondness for fossil fuels. Thousands of you came to see her and to sign up to our Save the Arctic campaign, even Dame Vivienne Westwood came to ask you to ‘just do something,’ say hello and show her support.

Vivienne W

‘Bigger is better’ was definitely a running theme on the field this year. We built a huge life sized ship with an amazing viewing platform that was named The Arctic Sunrise by Emily Eavis. Built into it was a climbing wall, a skate ramp, a music stage and a (not so) secret engine room bar tucked away alongside. This purpose built ship was there to represent the Greenpeace ship that was detained for 10 months by the Russian Authorities when 28 Greenpeace activists and 2 photographers tried to conduct a peaceful protest on a Russian oil rig in 2013. Many of you signed our petition to bring her home and it worked. She’s back in port undergoing a much needed major refit funded by generous supporters after being wrecked whilst in Russian hands.

Another popular attraction this year was the Greenpeace Dome. Thousands of you came to see the world premiere of David Attenborough’s 3D collection, where for the first time the audience could see his documentaries in 3D without wearing 3D glasses. You also marvelled watching Holotronica the world’s first 3D AV album created by Stuart Warren-Hill aka Hexstatic and D-fuse’s interactive provocative fracking installation.


We’re already thinking of 2015 on how we can continue to create a field that you’ll want to come back to. One where our hot showers, our bar and café our farmers give you an experience to remember.

Michael Eavis in Front of Aurora at Glastonbury Festival

Last but not least…a special thank you to Michael & Emily Eavis and to everyone else’s support and to those that helped make the Greenpeace field possible.

Greenpeace is people like you. People who are passionate about protecting the Earth through positive action. 
Together, we are unstoppable. Join us.

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