Greenpeace 2015

The Greenpeace field at Glastonbury Festival  – looking back

If you joined us on the Greenpeace Field last summer and signed up to our Arctic Campaign thank you. We hope you had as much fun as we did! Our huge polar bear Aurora was definitely a hit with you all. If you missed it, you most definitely missed out. Take a look at our ‘Save the Arctic’ field at Glastonbury last summer and get ready for our field at Glastonbury 2015. Be prepared to be amazed!

Arctic pressure continues

The battle to save the Arctic is far from over, but together we’ve shown that we will do everything within our power to stop oil companies like Shell drilling for oil in the Arctic. The numbers calling for Arctic protection have reached over six million and they’re growing.  The Arctic and the oceans around it need protecting from oil companies, over industrialisation and over-fishing. So, we’re keeping a close eye on our oceans and this year we’re making it the theme of our field.

The seaside isn’t just buckets and spades, ice creams and suntan

The seas and oceans cover more than 70% of the earth’s surface. Half of the oxygen we depend on comes from the oceans. They are the lungs of the planet. Its blue heart and they need to beat in a healthy way for all of life to be healthy.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water

Most of the world’s biodiversity comes from under the sea. One billion people depend on them, often for their only source of protein and they are under threat from exploitation like never before. Our global oceans continue to be plundered and the marine habitats destroyed at an astonishing rate. We’ve reached crisis point, with around 90% of global fish stocks now either fully exploited. Three hundred thousand small whales, dolphins and porpoises are killed every year as by-catch, along with thousands of sharks, turtles and rays.


Our seas are plagued by huge pelagic freezer trawlers with 600m long nets; super-size purse seiners that discriminate fish aggregation devices (man-made structures that lure all kinds of marine life and increased by-catch massively); and, perhaps most destructive of all, bottom trawlers with nets that can span an area of several football pitches. In a single sweep, a bottom trawler can obliterate a coral-based ecosystem that may have taken thousands of years to grow.

One of Europe’s worst offender is the Cornelis Vrolijk FZN a Dutch-owned monster boat flying a UK flag. This single vessel has access to 23 per cent of England’s fishing quota, yet it lands its entire catch in the Netherlands. Local, small-scale vessels- which make up nearly 80% of the fleet – have just 4% of the fishing quota, how is this fair and sustainable?  One of these monster boats can catch in a single day what fifty-six small artisan fishing boats catch in a year.

All of us have the power to change this and free our seas from destructive monster boats, Greenpeace have been touring local communities visiting local coastal communities, MPs and prospective parliamentary candidates to ask them to become one of our ‘Coastal Champions’ and we will also see the battle play out in the High Court – we have lodged a case challenging the government’s decision to continue giving significant levels of fishing quota to industrial fishing corporations, we need to act now.


But it’s not all doom and gloom

Our field will come alive this summer and if you visit us we’ll tell you how together we can make a difference. We’ll tell you how with your help we can stop the people who are damaging or destroying life on earth out of greed and for profit.

You can wash away those blues by diving into our free hot showers. Chill out in our sustainable veggy café or pick and mix from a range of locally sourced foods you’ll find in our Farmers Market. We’ve built our own monster ship that won’t be doing anything destructive as it houses our music stage, climbing wall, drop slide and guest bar. And if that isn’t enough, you aint seen nothing yet until you’ve caught our spectacular night time techno-skate ramp. Top DJ’s, top pro skaters and lighting maestros will transform our ramp into an explosive visual treat never before seen at
Glastonbury. Don’t say we didn’t tell you. Bring it on!

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