Greenpeace 2014

Sea Ice Minimum

"When ordinary, decent people stand up for what they believe in they can change the world" – Kumi Naidoo, Executive Director, Greenpeace International


Our vision is a future where the planet's precious ecosystems are protected for generations to come. And our campaigns – powered entirely by people like you – are all about creating this equitable, sustainable future. Greenpeace reaches millions of people everyday and helps you take the seemingly small actions that, combined, make a huge difference towards our shared goal.

The environment is not a luxury or a worthy cause; it's life itself. Fresh air, clean water and healthy soil are necessities none of us can live without. Nature – from the vast depths of the world’s oceans to the pulsing multitude of life in the rainforests – is as beautiful as it is essential. It's also vulnerable. Climate change is seriously disrupting the world's natural life support systems, making it the greatest challenge we face today.

We need to act now to protect the natural world, and to stop the companies and countries that are driving the destruction of our oceans, forests and climate purely for profit. It is possible for us to develop a sustainable future but it needs all of us to get involved. This is the moment when millions of us make a stand, because the perilous state of the planet demands nothing less.

Your voice, your signature and your peaceful actions – combined with those of three million others – are powerful enough to put an end to environmental destruction. Together, we have moved entire industries in this way for over 40 years; from securing the historic whaling ban in 1986 to ending nuclear weapons testing in 1996.

Today we are continuing to challenge and change corrupt industries, and as our supporter base continues to grow, so does our impact. The petitions you sign, the letters you write and the donations you make means that every single day, somewhere in the world, we're winning. It is only with your support that we can continue to race to the heart of destruction as it's happening.

We are making important progress but what's happening right now in the Arctic is perhaps the starkest illustration yet of the challenges we face. The earth's spectacular air conditioning system, the last great frontier, is entering a spiral of decline because of an overbearing fondness for fossil fuels. Until now, the response to the melting ice has been a grubby resource grab for the very thing causing the melt.

"The only superpower than can stand up to this fossil fuel juggernaut is you. The united voice of ordinary citizens is still an irresistible agent of political change" – John Sauven, Executive Director, Greenpeace UK


In response, over five million of you around the world have made a commitment to save the Arctic – our global movement is stronger than ever before. Together we are confronting those that wish to exploit it head-on, with bold actions at home and in the Arctic. We are exposing the risks companies like Shell and Gazprom are taking with UK pensions, and collaborating with new allies in the investment world.

Politicians are starting to listen to what you're saying. The European Parliament has agreed the Arctic should be protected – a small, but important first step to a global sanctuary. 20 years ago you ensured Antarctica was declared a world park, safe from exploitation. Now we can and must do the same for the Arctic.

You make extraordinary things happen. Join us.
george_clooneyaPhoto: Andy Gotts

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