Deep in the South East Corner lies the Unfairground, the field for subversive art, performance and underground music.

Infused with equal measure of anarchist spirit and satirical wit, this warped immersive zone repurposes everything, including you.

Field Art & Performance

Amidst the palaces of the Unfairground, Creative Director Sam Heggerty showcases radical art and performance, believing the act of repurposing both ideas and salvaged material turns the unethical cycle of consumerism and wastefulness into a virtuous one.

Current Turner Prize nominee Delaine Le Bas is the guest artist, with Floydraw, Half Cut
and Stivs on the aerosols.
Over on the Hanger Stage the LGBTQIA+ Red Rash Inn Collective bring international showgirls, late night freaks and professional fools with the enchanting clowning of Dott Cotton, the mesmerizing Mia Shanti, the captivating presence of CleoPantha and the electrifying energy of F.rank in a world of unparalleled artistic brilliance.

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