The Blind Tiger

Roaring with an eclectic program every day from noon till dawn, The Blind Tiger brings high energy fuelled dance floor bangers, uplifting vibes & the dirtiest of Basslines!

Across the weekend ‘Club Momo’ takes you on their musical rollercoaster with reggae, traveller folk, soul and hip hop, to golden hour magic with house & 90s classics and after midnight bassline & garage with hands in the air jungle, hardcore, old skool and rave through till sunrise.

Highlights inside the Tigers’ lair – designed by Debs Wrekon and featuring contemporary work by guest artists – include Polar & Bryson’s Glastonbury debut, Radio 1’s Arielle Free and the legendary Kak Hatt.

A truly immersive experience day & night for all your dancing needs, set to awaken all your senses!

Line-up will follow nearer the Festival.

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