The Wood 2017

In this magical bit of Worthy Farm you will find all kinds of surprises hidden in the undergrowth and along the leafy pathways. It’s just a stick’s throw from the Pyramid and John Peel stages. A place to relax and recharge and have that last beer after the mainstage headliners have finished. There’s a fire lighting every night and treetop views of the Tor as well as some new spaces and installations lovingly created by the local crew.

Lighting by Vortex
Willow sculptures and design by Michelle Cain
Soundscapes by Entity
Sculpture by Rob Mulholland
Illumaphonium – a dynamic music-making sculpture.
Café and Bar
The Arc



Illumaphonium – a gigantic semi-autonomous illuminated music making sculpture – invites the audience to create together; a shared moment of spontaneity immersed in ever changing patterns of light and sound.

‘The Gathering’

This new art installation, specially commissioned by Glastonbury Festival, represents the symbiotic relationship we have with our environment and other species and their dependence on one another. The part human-part animal reflective figures stand passively in the woods looking out at a changing world. They convey an empathy and connection with their surroundings and invite us to consider our own attitude towards the natural world. In the centre of the installation stands a monolithic structure that ascends from the lake. It symbolises the intervention of humans on the environment, both in the past and in the future and our determination to impose our mark on the natural landscape.

The installation portrays the potential for a more aligned and respectful attitude to the natural world. I want to convey a positive message and ask the viewer to develop their own interpretation and thoughts towards the installation and encourage a deeper understanding and empathy towards the natural environment.

Rob Mulholland

Glastonbury figures

The Wood 2017

wood - 4 wood - 7


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