Travel by car share


We’re working with GoCarShare to try to encourage more people to car share to the Festival.

What is car sharing?

GoCarShare helps to connect drivers heading to Glastonbury with other Festival-goers looking to go the same way, who need a lift. Sharing car journeys cuts the number of cars coming down to the Festival, reducing carbon emission and congestion.

Why is it good for drivers?

GoCarShare will connect you with people who want to head the same way. As well as helping people get to the Festival, it helps you travel greenly and share your travel costs.


What to do if you are driving

If you are driving to Glastonbury this year, head to the GoCarShare site and add your journey details with an estimate of when you think you’ll be travelling. Wait for potential passengers to message you and request to travel with you. Once the journey has been confirmed, they will prepay for a seat in your car with the money being transferred to you after the journey has been completed.

What to do if you need a lift

If you need help getting to Glastonbury, head to the GoCarShare site and search for journeys from your departure location. You’ll find a list of drivers travelling from nearby. Message the ones that you think are appropriate. Make sure that you book a journey and prepay for the journey to ensure that your seat is guaranteed.

If you need a lift back home

The GoCarShare team will, once again, be based at the William’s Green information point close to the Pyramid Stage. If you are driving and can take people in the back – the GoCarShare team will match you with festival-goers who need a lift on the way back. Alternatively, you can access the mobile responsive website on your phone, or download the iPhone app.

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