The Unfairground


The collective that makes partying an art is back for more in it’s late night area

Inside the Unfairground 2014 is a collision of big top music venues, twisted fairground side shows and iconic sculptural madness, created by legendary scrap pile art and party collective the Mutoid Waste Company.



Bez’s world of Acid House presnts Eddie Temple Morris and Graham Park on Friday, 808 State, Todd Terry & DJ Sneak on Saturday, with Kalli, Mushy & Zed Bias laying the beats on Sunday.


Jagz Kooner’s transcendent mix takes you to another dimension with Psychemagik, and Richard Norris on Friday, Scream Team (Primal Scream DJ set) on Saturday, before skanking down on Sunday with Reggae Roast, Brother Culture & Dennis Bovell


All night twisted fun and games for grown up’s with

  • The Crackheads
  • The Gobbler
  • The Striker
  • 360*
  • and introducing Site Beef the newest addition to the mutant family.


2014 sees the unveiling of the Helter Skelter eyeball and the Austin Mini Car Henge.


Our freak-show family hosts underground rave Djs from dusk till dawn. RENEGADE HARDWARE, BONG-RA, VANDAL and THE DJ PRODUCER are a few amongst many.  Rascals, wronguns n ravers, Get Locked On!   This ride waits for no one.

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