Drop and collect point

For those being dropped off at the festival we have set up a 24 hour Drop and Collect service with a 24/7 bus service that runs to and from the Festival continuously.

Dropping off on local roads will leave you with a long dangerous walk to get to the car parks and then a longer walk to get to the gates. Not only that but working out where to be picked up is even harder leaving you waiting on a dangerous road side whilst your lift tries to negotiate all the road closures put in place to assist the exiting traffic.

Be sensible: get dropped off at the Drop and Collect point, catch the bus to Pedestrian Gate A where you will get quicker access to the site. Less walking and safer and much quicker.

The drop and collect will be open for the public from 12.01am on Wed onwards and remains open until 1800 hours on Monday eve.

The drop and collect is located to the east of the site. Head towards Evercreech on the A371 and follow the signs for Drop and Collect or DC. Plan a route that keeps you away from the immediate area of the Festival as the A361 is closed for through traffic on the Monday after the festival between Glastonbury and Shepton Mallet.

A few more miles moving is better than sitting in a queue!

Those that have used the Drop and collect in the past have found the service to be excellent. There are serviced brick built toilets and a burger van for those who need a bite to eat.

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