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Campervan tickets for 2016 will cost £100 and will be released as part of the accommodation sale, alongside Worthy View and Tipis in mid-late October. Further information about this sale will be released after the main ticket sales. Please note that demand for campervan tickets is usually very high, so we would recommend booking one as soon as they are released.

As with your Festival tickets, campervan tickets are non-transferable and will include the name and address of the lead booker. Attempts to re-sell them may result in their cancellation. If you book a campervan ticket and later change your mind, refunds are available prior to the ticket refund deadline; subject to an administration charge of £10.

Campervan tickets are only available to general admission ticket holders. It is not possible to purchase a car park or campervan ticket when booking or paying the balance for a coach package.

Campervan tickets will be sent out with your Festival tickets (unless booked separately).

Only campervans or caravans with fitted sleeping, and washing or cooking facilities will be allowed into the campervan field. Please refer to the CAMPERVAN INFORMATION PAGE for more information about which types of vehicles can use these fields.

Campervan passes usually sell out well before the Festival, so it’s best to book them when you pay the balance on your tickets!

Caravans, trailer tents and campervans will only be admitted to special secure fields either along the Blue Route (off the A37), or on the White Route (off the A361) according to the type of ticket purchased.

To enable traffic to exit the site, Blue Route becomes one-way outbound from 1400 hours Sunday afternoon until 1800 hours on Monday evening. As a result, no vehicles can access the campervan/caravan fields during this time. Please do not leave the campervan/caravan fields in your vehicle and expect to get back to the fields during these times, or arrange for others to pick up during this period, as access will be refused.

For full information on campervans/caravans at Glastonbury, click here.

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