Greencrafts Village 2024

Let your creativity run wild and experience the nourishing effects of hands-on craft for the mind, body, and soul in the Greencrafts Village.

This is the field where you can make really beautiful things to take home; work with gorgeous natural materials and learn new skills and ways to move towards more sustainable and earth friendly choices. There are hundreds of workshops running each day, led by heritage and rural craft experts. No experience is needed and huge numbers of things are free.

From carving a spoon to silver-casting, creative possibility greets you at every turn. Greencrafts’ craftspeople are ready to welcome you into their bespoke handmade workspaces and guide you in forming a connection with their tools and materials.

Working hands-on and making with natural materials has a profound effect on the body and mind, and the Greencrafts Village lead in the field internationally, offering Glastonbury’s brilliant festival goers an unforgettable experience!

Here’s a taste of what’s on offer – for those interested in using timber there’s hand carving, peddle or cycle wood lathing, greenwood furniture and timber-frame building, as well as learning to use an axe, or try hand carving wood with chisels for free.
For beautiful adornments there’s recycled silver, copper, pewter and antler jewellery making, iron-age blacksmithing of amulets, the making of fresh flower crowns, perfume, organic skin products and soaps, re-cycled fabric headpieces and clothing, as well the dying of cloth and yarns with natural materials.

If survival skills are your thing there’s fire-lighting, bow making and learning how to make cord from Worthy Farm nettles! And then there’s basketry, stone carving, leatherwork, block and screen printing, mosaics, stained glass, sewing, lace and yurt making, weaving and loads, loads more.

  • Everything going on in the field between 10-11am is completely free in the ‘Happy-Hour’, the perfect time to get a chisel in your hand and ease into your festival day.
  • You can also ‘have a go’ for free with any maker anytime of day.
  • The field is open each day from 10am Wednesday to 6pm Sunday.

The Crafty Fox (marquee venue)
The Crafty Bear (yurt venue)
Free Island (woodsman’s shelter venue)

You can pre-book or wander the field and drop-by into an on-going workshop at any time. Some activities take half an hour, others a couple of hours, and some take as long as you’d like. The Greencrafts Field specialises in natural, sustainable materials and holistic, heritage craft traditions. There’s something very special about the connection forged with a craftsperson during a workshop with Greencrafts.

The field is one below the stone circle (with stunning views across the event). It’s a field to come to ground yourself, to rediscover your creativity, to learn ways to live lighter on the land, to chill out, and to create and take away a genuine special keep-sake of your own festival making. And you get to work in hand-crafted shelters including wooden wagons, yurts, tipis, and loads of canvas shelters. Or you’re welcome to come and lounge amongst our beautiful hand-made seating, gardens and sculpture, or watch what’s happening from a shady spot under a tree or woodworking awning. We’re off-grid (with only natural power of sun, wind and people) and you’ll leave leave feeling refreshed with loads of energy.

It is a truly “must visit” field where you can create life-long memories – literally crafted by your own hand, eye, heart and mind.

As the original and first ever Greencrafts, this was the beginning and pioneering space of hands-on crafting at festivals in the UK! It all started here at Glastonbury over 30 years ago; venture into the village and discover the incomparable magic of this pioneering space for yourself!

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Archery & Survival Skills
Golden Lotus Archery Free slate or stone arrow head making, £35 archery bow making
Wildwood Bushcrafts Free knot skills, £5 cord making, £15+ spoon carving & fire-lighting

9 Irons Craft Free rune branding, £20+ iron jewellery making
Cobalt Blacksmiths £5 forged pendant, £30 bracelets, candle holders, bottle openers
Garry Johnson Artist Blacksmith Free have-a-go, £30 fire poker, candle holder

Buildings and Wagons
Millie’s Yurts  Free steam bending yurt poles guidance & £20 steam bend hula hoop making
The Armadillo Free roof shingle making using re-cycled beer cans
TŶ Pren Free roundwood timber framing tuition & have-a-go

Basketry & Floral & Plant
Juliette Hamilton Designs Free willow leaf making, £5+ willow bees, mayflies, stars hearts
Kokedama Workshop Free mud-ball with seeds, £5 flower & moss kokedama making
Orchis Floral Design Free fresh flower arch learning, happy hour: free flower tattoo, £5+
button-hole, fresh flower headpiece

Past Crafts Free chainmail have-a-go, £5 celtic knot earings, £7+ chainmail bracelets, keyrings,

Clay, Kilns & Pottery
Melanie Made Mud Free clay leaves, £5 mini pinch-pot, £12+ pottery wheel throwing of a pot
Muddy Fingers £5 raku tealight / incense holder, £10+ raku glazed & fired pots or tiles
Mud Mugs & Bells Free porcelain peace doves have-a-go, £5+ Glastonbury clay with porcelain
bells, mugs & hearts with sgraffito
Raku u Like £5 pottery wheel have-a-go, £15 raku pottery bowl with kiln firing

Greenwood work
Amerton Art Studio Free wood carving, £5+ spoons, knives, stools, chopping boards
Funky Furniture & Woodwork Free shave-horse have-a-go, £8+gypsy flowers, walking staffs,
magic wands & mushrooms
Hopespringchairs Free pole-lathe turning splitting & shaving, £10+ pole-lathe bowls, spoon,
stools, flowers
Mark Clarke Free wooden badges, £5 hazle walking / journey sticks, £35 three leg milking stool
with bag

Jewellery making & Silversmithing
Cuttlefish Silver Casting Free cuttlefish carving, £5 copper penny bracelet / pendant, £50 re-
cycled silver cast pendant making
Embellished Metals £5 copper bangle, £5+ engraved copper & silver bangles & pendants
(using peddle power)
Ground Zero Free copper stamp have-a-go, £5 pewter dog-tags, £10+ rings, pendants, bangles,
badges, earing making
Lost Treasure Free brass stamping have-a-go, £5 copper dog-tags, £30+ recycled silver ingot
rings, charm bracelets, bangles, pendant making
The Jewellery Workshop Free copper embossing have-a-go, £5 aluminium leaf pendant, £25
silver ring or pendant making

Leather & Textiles
Camp Bunting Free hand-crank sewing machine try-outs. £5+ fabric bunting making
Fifty Shades of Yellow free natural plant dye have-a-go, £5 yarn dying and felted soap making,
£5+ needle felted pouch, patches and natural plant dyed yarn making
Hapitat Free tissue corsage, £5 re-cycled fabric hair accessory, £15 fabric flower headpiece
Leather Lounge Free leather stamping have-a-go, £5 stamped key fob, £15+ tanned leather
stamp & lettering key fob, coaster, wristband
Stab the Fluff Free needle-felting have-a-go, £5 felted ball, up to £15 felted animal ears, gnomes,
fairies, badges
The Loom Room Free tapestry weaving on upright looms have-a-go, £5 woven fabric piece, £40
wooden loom making workshop

Metal sculpture & artifacts / masks
Circus Kinetica Free have-a-go at embossing, £5 cooper cut-out feathers & leaves embossed,
£5+ metal & multi-form kinetic sculptures
Masquetherage Metal and multi form sculptural forms & bespoke mask making with traditional

Natural cosmetics
Compass Rose Soaps £5 oatmeal wash-ball with dried herbs, or soap-on-a-rope, £8 block of
soap with scented & essential oils

DLJ Prints Free have-a-go at lino carving, £5 Glastonbury woodcut print, £5+ carve a lino block &
print it onto re-cycled paper with water based inks.
The Old Stores Studio Free botanical framing, £5+ screen printing onto paper & tote bags

Stained Glass & Mosaic
Lightlust Stained Glass Free glass cutting have-a-go, £5 glass & wire hanging, £70+ leaded
stained cut glass panel
Recycled Stained Glass & Mosaics Free mosaic have-a-go, £5 glass mosaic pendant,
£10+ stained glass mosaic panel

Southern Stone Free limestone carving have-a-go
Tom Clark Free stone cutting with hand tools intro, £5 limestone initial carving plaque, & printed

Jack Crook & Richard Jones Free daily traditional wheel banding demos

Wood carving
Have a Go Woodcarving Free woodcarving, learn how to use chisels
Mark Flannery Free learn how to use chisels and mallets, £5 small lime or poplar wooden leaf bowl
carving, £5 carved wooden bowl or celtic design panel
Pat Lawless Free/ donation hand-carved bog oak jewellery
Wayne’s Woods Free wooden spoon blank making, £25 greenwood spoon carving

Wood lathe turning
North Wind Blows Peddle-powered lathe, £5 wooden mushroom, £10 mushrooms, wands
Spinney Hollow Free willow-weaving head-dress or pole lathe / shave-horse have-a-go, £5 carved
peach-pit pendant, £5+ pole lathe, shave-horse, whittling of wands, swords, staffs, pipes


The Crafty Fox (big marquee venue)
Bare Glazed Pottery Free pinch pot or sculpture have-a-go, £10 clay tepee tea-light holder using
hand-built pinch, coil, slab techniques
Claire Mooney Free metalwork chasing & repousse have-a-go, £5 personalised copper pendant or
keyring, £30 silver pendent, textured & personalised
Press Press Press Free rubber stamp printing, £5 print a letterpress lino poster, £8 print & sew a
fabric scrunchie

The Crafty Bear (big yurt venue)
Guerilla Archaelogy Free antler working & deer history info, £5 red deer antler (naturally-shed)
ring, charm, keyring or necklace
Darn it! Free sashiko have-a-go, £5 macrame keyring or tie on kumihimo bracelets, up to £20
macrame plant hangers, bags, wall hangings, water bottle holders
SP Creative Crafts free bobbin lace have-a-go with twisted & braided fibre & threads, £5+
pendants, keyrings, broach, bookmarks
Faith & Betty free learning about perfume making, £5 bath bomb with plant & essential oils, dried
petals & bicarb of soda, £12 perfume making with blended essential oils

The Free Island (big woodsman’s shelter venue)
Axe & Wood free learn how to use a hand axe
Shave-Horse have-a-go free learn how to use a shave-horse
Glen Mooar Cottage Crafts free weaving, spinning, braiding with organic yarns and wooden
looms to make a bracelet

Field open 10am to 6pm, Wed – Sun
HAPPY HOUR everyday 10-11am, everything on the field is free to do
Free HAVE-A-GO all day every day
No experience needed | Accompanied kids welcome (activity dependent)
Book direct with the craft groups from Wednesday, or just drop-by
Loads of discounted £5 ‘make & take home’ workshops on offer

Photo credits: Roger Elliott, Kate Houghton, Clodagh Piper, Ric Rawlins, Tom Widd

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