The Green Fields

Welcome back to the Green Fields!

Liz, Toby and the Green Fields Family are so happy that you will be joining us for this huge celebration of togetherness, community and positive action.  After three very challenging years since our last gathering we will, at last, join together again with open hearts and minds.

We wanted to take this opportunity to remind you of the roots of the Green Fields and what you’ll find here when you visit us. 

Growing from the hippy ideals of the very early years, the aim of the 1984 “Green Field” was to raise awareness of the increasing environmental problems and demonstrate practical solutions to help tackle these issues. 

Thirty-eight years later, with the help of the Green Fields Family, the environmental message has become Globally recognised and understood.  This is a huge achievement, but the issues have become increasingly urgent and the time to act to protect life on our planet is now. The consequences of non-action are too great. We must come together as a world-wide community to tackle the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced and create a better, fairer, greener and kinder world. 

Leading by example, the Green Fields are still at the forefront of demonstrating green issues. We have always been 100% powered by renewable energy, showing in a very practical way that we can keep the lights on and the music playing without destroying the planet. Our aim is to re-ignite a sense of hope and purpose so we can, as individuals and collectively, respond to the climate emergency positively, with understanding and determination rather than fear and anger.

In 1984, visitors to the Green Field noticed “a unique and almost tangible atmosphere of harmony and peace”

Within a massive, full-on music festival, the Green Fields is still a place of sanctuary and inspiration; kindness, generosity and sharing, community and co-operation; activism and joy; creativity and freedom.

You might discover your new favourite band in the Croissant Neuf tent; get revitalised in the Healing Field; find inspiration and new ideas in Green Futures and Permaculture, learn traditional skills in the Green Craft Field, let your kids run free in the Green Kids Field, find your tribe in the Tipi Field.

Come join the drummers and singers in the Kings Meadow, strengthen the heart of the Sacred Space and the Stone Circle.  Feel at one with the universe in the Peace Garden and Peace Dome or, just be. Soak up the atmosphere and BREATHE.

Keep an eye on social media and the Glastonbury website for further information.

Peace and Love to you all from the Green Fields

“We need to feel positive; to feel that we *can* make a difference. We need to feel confident that with positive action we will still turn around our climate predicament” (Liz Eliot, Green Fields co-ordinator 1990-present)

“We managed to generate a sense of common identity and community, by putting…feelings before ideas” (Bruce Garrard, Green Field site co-ordinator 1984)

Photography by Andre Pattenden

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