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GREEN KIDS AREA – Where kids just want to have fun


Welcome to the Green Kids Area! We are part of the Green Fields and can be found at the back of the Greenpeace area. We are open from Wednesday afternoon and from 8am till 9pm Thursday to Sunday. Our theme this year is SUNFLOWERS! We are making them, growing them, painting them and generally all round admiring them!

All activities in the Green Kids Field are free of charge and as environmentally friendly as possible. The area includes Performance Marquees, Comedy and DJ workshops, Arts and Craft Marquees and an Outdoor Games Arena, all providing activities for children of all ages (See the notice boards for specific times of workshops and performances). The area will be filled with entertainers, events and crafts to amuse and delight children of all ages.

Come and have a good look around and feel the very special place that Green Kids Field really is. The Book Club, Pottery, Gymnastics, Storytelling, Robotics, Face Painting, Dark Age Jewellery, Making Felt Sunflowers and Stick People as well as Old Tyme Games and Skittle Challenges. We are all here to welcome you. On the music front we have a full array of DJ workshops, come and play with all the gadgets and gismos, plus song writing, rap and poetry and music performances. The fantastic Baby Robotic Elephant will be on parade around the field, for all to see and enjoy, she might even let you have a little ride on her back!

In the Games arena we have board games, jumping games, all sorts of games; circus skills, space hoppers and sock wrestling; (World championships Sunday afternoon), if you haven’t experienced the thrill of the Sock Wrestling Federation you really are in for a treat! Each morning we start the day in the Performance marquee with Gymnastics. The Camera Obscura is back once more this year to amuse and delight and Magpie will be telling you some of his favourite stories.

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The Ark – Cadmus

The children have an amazing ship in the Green Kids Area – CADMUS which is based on the design for an ancient Ark and will be “crewed” from 8am to 9pm each day. The rules of the Ark are as follows:- no children under the age of five are allowed on the steps or decks; no climbing on the outside of the frame; no jumping off the ship; no smoking, drinking on the ship and no interfering with the play of other children. Between 8am and 7pm each day CADMUS is for the use of 5 to 14 year olds only; and from 7pm to 9pm it’s for 14 to 17 year olds and adults. The views around the site from thetop deck are worth the climb. Unfortunately UNDER FIVE’S ARE NEVER ALLOWED ON ANY PART OF THE SHIP. The under 5’s have their own dedicated enclosed Toddler Area with a range of activities for that age group.

Mr Browns Pig Puppeteer and Entertainer presents A miniature pirate adventure using scenery, figures and model ships, with a soundtrack of music and sound effects. This is a unique piece of theatre for children and adults of all ages. Action, adventure, pirates, treasure, comedy, silliness, special effects, and a set that has to be seen to be believed. All hidden at the top of the Green Kids field waiting to be discovered. Several showings a day, see board for times.

DJ Skills The Green Kids Field will be providing DJ and Music-Making workshops in the performance marquee. Here, young aspiring musicians will, whatever their ability, be able to learn in any style how to spin the decks, sing, Rap, play guitar, drums, bass, keyboard, as well as explore all manner

of music technology under helpful supervision of the DJ Skills crew (they have been called the best DJ’s on site…).Write a Rap in half an hour, give your confidence a boost, or just jam along. No previous experience necessary, fun assured.

Living History Workshops “Ancient Crafts with Minimal Impact”: a range of eco-workshops for all ages including woodwork, leatherwork, chalk carving and pewter jewellery – plus the ever-popular ‘Hitting Things With Hammers’ for the little people. The team are also offering new and fab felt workshops this year, especially designed for our theme of sunflowers…..

Sunflower Power!

Good for the birds, good for the bees, good for seeds and now good for festival fashion! Come and bling up your festival outfit with this fun, felt-making workshop: make your own Sunflower Badges, Floral Fascinators, Petal Pendants and more! Every day at the Craft Marquee in the Green Kids Area – check the chalkboard for times.

Making Stick People We will be making stick people puppets using sticks as well as moss, feathers, leaves and flowers. Watch these stick people come to life, full of character, no two ever the same! They’ve even been known to dance to some awesome bands at the festival! Hours of fun.

Another Fine Mess Productions bring to Glastonbury Green Kids 2022 – The magic of a Laurel and Hardy inspired double act- walkabout comedy character, highly skilled handymen here to help…Litter picking, picnicking, bunting hanging, general DIY and vintage physical comedy clown routines…what could possibly go wrong…? Will they be able to dance themselves out of trouble this time?…..Fun for all the family..!

Arbor Antics “Misspent Youth” is proud once again to be in the Green Kids Field. They will be providing skittle challenges, no electricity required, and a selection of traditional games to suit any age or ability.

Toddler Space An enclosed space for the very little ones age 0 – 5; includes sandpit, water play, dressing up, toys, games, stories and a shady space for resting and quiet times, next to the café.

Comedy Club 4 Kids Do you want to be a stand-up comedian? Learn from the pros and be taken through the process of coming up with material, honing it, and performing it onstage. They will cover joke writing, storytelling and improvisation, teaching kids aged 7-15 how to find the funny in their own experiences and turn it into confidently-delivered stand-up and sketches.

Magpie Dragonteller and the Islands of Ganu Magpie returns to the magical realm of Green Kids for more fantastic adventures. You are all invited to set sail with the Pirate King of Fools on a quest for dragons, faeries and giants from around the world. Interactive stories come to life with puppets, masks, music, dance, games and giggles. Come join us, treasure seekers!

Toilet Twinning We have joined up with the Charity Campaign for “Toilet Twinning”. Around our lovely little clean and beautiful compost children’s toilets we will be showing pictures of the awful conditions that a lot of children in the world have to endure for their toilets. The idea is to realise how lucky we are to have clean water and proper toilets, and how we have to help the rest of the world get them as well. Not only do we have to learn to look after the creatures of the planet, we also have to learn to look after all the people on the planet – more lives are saved every year

through clean toilets, than anything else. And more lives are lost each year through bad sanitation and dirty water, than anything else.

Green City Theatre Company Green City Theatre welcomes you to their debut performance of MEG AND HER CARDBOARD ADVENTURES!

Jump into Meg’s special box, not your average everyday cardboard box! Join Meg to find out what kind of a world exists inside this extraordinary, not your average, not as it seems carboard box adventures with all sorts of wonderful characters on the way. This show most suited to age 4 and above and will run for approx. 30 mins. Please see chalk boards for show times.

Lost Kids Parents are responsible for their children at all times during the Festival.

However, beside the Ark at the top of the field is a Lost Kids Tent where dedicated Green Kids staff can provide help for any child who is lost, or for any adult who has lost a child. The tent will be open from 9am till 7pm. At other times, simply find a steward who can direct you to the 24-hour on site lost kids/welfare system. The Lost Kids tent can also be used as a first port of call by any families for any medical, emergency or other on site problem.

ARTS AND CRAFTS (see blackboards for specific times)
Ancient Crafts, Dark Age Jewellery, Amulets, Leather work.
Pottery – Plays with Clay.
Stick People
Learn Robotics
Sew some seeds and grow your own sunflower!
Make a beautiful felt sunflower broach or hair clip
and more to be announced…


Around the Oak Tree – Poetry, Stories, Nature Watch, making things, songs and music and laughter.
Games Arena – Sock Wrestling, Big Games, Space Hoppers, circus skills environmental games, gentle games. Facepainting, Table Tennis
Old Tyme Games and the bowling alley.
Camera Obscura
Toddler Area.
Baby Elephant Rides and Robots
Another Fine Mess Productions

Have a wonderful time in the Green Kids Field! We look forward to seeing you!

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