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Forty years ago we flew to the moon. We saw this fragile earth, the blue planet from space for the first time. If we had the will and the way to do that back then, what’s stopping us from solving this urgent climate change crisis right now?

This year on The Greenpeace Field we’ll show you how we can preserve life as we know it by switching to low carbon technologies and by re-greening our cities. The field is designed to represent a European super-grid decoupled from a high carbon future. We’re promoting exciting developments like the solar farms of Southern Europe; European wind farms; tidal lagoons; powered storage; and electric transport. Come and see what we could be doing to kick this up the agenda and make it happen here in the UK.

Another first at Glastonbury is the Greenpeace virtual reality dome where you can experience David Attenborough’s spectacular visit to the Great Barrier Reef which is under threat from mining and climate change. It’s guaranteed to thrill you.

David Attenborough diving in the Triton Submersible on the Great Barrier...

“In this unique virtual reality experience, climb inside the Triton submersible with me, as I explore the Great Barrier Reef as never before. Enjoy a stunning 360degree view of the reef as I guide you ever deeper through this extraordinary community of animals. With the help of specialist dive teams, you’ll discover a wonderland of colourful corals, darting fish and sleek reef sharks.” Sir David Attenborough. © Atlantic Productions

Let us entertain you and don’t miss these must-do features:
• Have a drink in the Battery Bar, enjoy a cocktail or two on the Greenpeace viewing gantry and watch the sunset over the farm (8pm-9pm).
• Party hard in the Engine Room with great bands and DJ’s (open until 3am).
• Grab a coffee and some lovely veggie food in the Greenpeace Café (open from 7am until 3am).
• Go back to the future and step into the Time Machines. These pods transform into a late night Ninja Tune ambient zone (10pm-7am).
• Release the energy within you by experiencing our interactive human-grid, it’s truly amazing!
• The drop slide returns with a twist this year. Greenpeace have morphed the evil shipping trawler into a giant rocket. You can become an astronaut and climb the rocket for take off… use the emergency exit to shoot down the 7 metre vertical drop slide. Saving the planet isn’t rocket science and there’s no planet B.
• Wash your hair surrounded by a forest in the Greenpeace free hot showers. Don’t forget your towels.
• If you’re a keen skater come to the Greenpeace Field! Greenpeace have the skateboards, you just need to wear the correct trainers and you’re on. Morning training sessions for starters.
• Enjoy a cheese ploughman’s, fruit, veg, nuts, cakes and fresh cold juice in the local vegetarian farmers market.
• You can also grab a seat, coffee and just chill if you want.

Greenpeace field, Glastonbury 2015

Greenpeace field, Glastonbury 2015

We look forward to welcoming you all and we hope you leave the Greenpeace field feeling inspired.
Make this the year that you sign up and join our growing band of supporters.

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