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Worthy FM crew for 2014 announced!

Worthy FM Broadcasts 24 hours a day across the Glastonbury Festival site on 87.7fm, as well as online, from midday on the Monday before gates open, to the following Monday night, after the Festival gates have shut.

Joanne Schofield: Licensee / Station Manager


Welcome to Worthy FM. I started my radio career at Glastonbury Festival in 2005, wrote the application for the first permanent full time community radio station in Bristol, BCFM with two colleagues, which went on air in 2007 and is still going strong today.  I spent five years being responsible for everything from programming, training, production, volunteer outreach, fund raising and of course fun.   I have also produced and presented a weekly live 3 hour show on local Commercial radio followed by producing and presenting for Local BBC Radio Bristol and in 2012 was one of a team of 12 producers for the Sony Radio Academy bronze award winning programme, The Listening Project for Radio 4.  I still produce radio programmes independently and have been managing Worthy FM since 2007.   Because this is where I started, it’s important that every year students and others who are enthusiastic and passionate about radio also get that opportunity to experience probably the best little radio station in the world!

Gez Smith : Second Studio Manager


Gez has been going to Glastonbury since 1997, and volunteering with Worthy FM since 2008. His highlights on the station so far have included asking Nick Clegg if he’d put his festival ticket on expenses, nude modelling in front of a packed tent in The Common, and taking part in a crew swop with BMIR, the official station of the Burning Man Festival in America, where he got the idea for Worthy FM’s second studio which debuted in Arcadia last year. His favourite part of the festival is getting to chat to all the lovely ticket buyers who make it the awesome place it is. If you see him, do say hello!

Steve Satan : Technical infrastructure

SteveSatanCelebrating 25 years since his first Glastonbury Festival radio 
appearance, Steve’s Glastonbury radio experiences have included getting  a ride in a helicopter, interviewing Tony Benn, Reef, Martha Wainwright,  Mark Radcliffe, Stephen Merchant, a singing toilet, fooling people into thinking that he was a famous rock star, waking Billy Bragg when he didn’t want to be, standing on the pyramid stage, and guesting live on Lauren Laverne’s BBC 6 music show (where he advocated the murder of JLS). Steve is a former pirate radio broadcaster and now a regular on Bristol station BCFM and has worked on, and indeed run, many other small  radio stations. “I really do think that working for Worthy FM is the best job at the festival.” He said.  At night, you’ll look up and no doubt admire the illuminated sign that says “Worthy FM”. He built that. Pretty isn’t it?  Let’s hope it works this year!

Merrily Grout : Schedule and programmer

MerrilyGroutMerrily joined the Worthy FM crew in 2010 as an editor, and last year as our Night Manager. This year she’s back again, helping to sail the Worthy FM ship towards all the weird & wonderful magic of Glastonbury festival, where anything seems perfectly acceptable! A seasoned festival goer, and radio maker she can’t wait to don her wellies and get back to Worthy Farm.  Plus she’s pretty handy to have around when putting up and taking down tents!

Luke Barnes : Crew, Editor, Studio Technician

LukeBarnesThis will be my first year at Glastonbury and being able to do something I loves so much whilst there will be a dream come true. I currently run Somer Valley FM’s radio playout, transmission & network systems and also like to present local radio and bring events to the listeners. I take charge of all of Somer Valley FM’s outside broadcasts and also present the Drive time show on Mondays & Wednesdays.

Richard Harris: Crew, Presenter producer

RichardHarris 35I have been presenting The Folk and Blues Show on Award winning Somer Valley FM for over five years and been an avid music fan since I was five, falling asleep to the sounds of John Peel from my transistor radio whilst still at Primary school.  I live outside of the City of Wells and have yet to go to Glastonbury so I’m really looking forward to working with Worthy FM.  As I love Community Radio so much and what it can do I’m interested in the community side and ‘feel’ of festival, bringing that ‘feel’ over on the radio is what I’ll be working on during my time with Worthy Fm.

Daddy Teacha : Mentor and Reggae Presenter


He’s been coming to Glastonbury longer than anyone else on the crew, since the mid 1980′s, and has been doing the onsite Glastonbury Festival radio longer than anyone else too, since way back in the days of Radio Avalon. He’s a mentor to us all at Worthy FM, helping newbies find their feet, and still teaching the regular crew a thing or two every year. He’s a top notch presenter too, his nightly reggae shows having become a Glastonbury legend for his unequalled collection of tunes and his occasional singing too. Every year he comes to the festival with no performances booked, and every year he gets invited to sing on one or more of the stages across the site, once word gets out he’s here.  His favourite Glastonbury moment was getting the only onsite interview with the late great James Brown at Glastonbury 2004. They got on so well, James Brown delayed the start of his show to carry on with the interview, so if you wondered why James Brown was a little late for the show you saw, Teacha’s your answer.  In fact, if you’ve wondered anything at all, Teacha’s probably got your answer for that too.

Dezzi Rankin : Crew – DJ Urban Dance, nights

DezziRankin(1)I’ve been wanting to go to Glastonbury for many, many years. So to get to go and be doing what I love most, being a DJ and broadcasting, is an opportunity I’m really looking forward to.   I will be keeping you up all night and entertained.  Music is my food.



Karl Bos : Crew – DJ Reggae, nights


My name is Karl Bos and I’m a presenter, producer and Head of Music at University Radio. I started broadcasting on community radio at 15 and during my three years on a student station, radio has grown from being a hobby to something I’m committed to pursuing as a career.  My pet genre is Reggae and I have a show on URY called Bos Tones where I play a range of brand new and classic tracks and interview members of the Yorkshire reggae scene and bands passing through. The show was nominated for a Student Radio Award for Best Specialist Music in 2013. I also have an interest in Jazz and Electronic music amongst over genres and present URY’s flagship new music show. Originally from the West Country, I’ve been going to Glastonbury since I was little and it’s always the highlight of the summer.

Dave Stalker : Crew


Described as ‘A Legend’ by hardly anybody at all, Dave Stalker has worked at Glastonbury Festival for over 10 years, previously on the Official Website before sidestepping neatly into a role at Worthy FM around 6 years ago. To say we are lucky to have him depends largely on individual opinion, the weather, time of day and alcohol consumption.  Duties include (but are not confined to) IT and Network Infrastructure design and deployment, hosting Dance Music shows on the radio and… er…. to be honest we’re not quite sure what else he does. We’re not even sure exactly who invited him back this year.  Off duty activities include arguing with himself in his sleep, searching for bacon and ripping it up on the decks in the Silent Disco.

DJ Paul : Crew – Dance


I’m a DJ / Producer from Bournemouth and I’ve been coming to Glastonbury since 1990, which officially makes me old.  This will be my second year on Worthy FM but I have DJ’d at various parties across site over the years.  I’m going to be working on the Dance side of things with Dave Stalker, so will be officially required to stay up all night. That’s a drag isn’t it? It’s going to be an excellent festival, I’m looking forward to meeting you all.

Phil Hall : Kids Show producer presenter


Phil has become part of the furniture at Worthy FM over the last few years, so much so that it was only in 2010 we noticed he’d still been paying for his own ticket each year. With that now fixed, Phil’s all set to storm it again in 2014.   His life’s been as random as his time at Worthy FM. He started out as an Earth Scientist, analysing mass extinctions and getting excited about fossil soils. Following that he spent 7 years at the BBC making TV shows for kids. Now you will find him in Denmark working as Producer, tieing his tongue in knots and driving on the wrong side of the road.  However, wild horses couldn’t keep him away from his friends at Worthy FM. A firm fan of Glastonbury since his best friend introduced the magic to him in 1994, on the radio he produces the Kids show as they throw themselves into the festival fun. After all, it’s not just for grown-ups.

Courtney Duffin : Work experience – kids show


It was my first year at the festival and working for Worthy FM last year and it was the best way to experience the festival in my opinion.   To say the festival is big and there is so much to see and do is an understatement.  Being part of the kids programme was amazing, I took part in the biggest twister game in the world, had my face painted and interviewed loads of people.  I can’t wait for the fun to begin again.

Becky Mansell : Work experience – kids show


I have always had a keen interest in Radio, purely because it’s so relaxed and friendly. Whilst presenting, you don’t have to be someone else, and you can just have a laugh. Going to Glastonbury has always been part of my dream as it’s national, and everyone let’s go for a few days. The atmosphere seems to scream ‘go wild’!


Iona Stewart – work experience – kids show

IonaStewartI can’t wait to start working at Worthy FM.  It will be a whole new way to look at the festival, to be on the other side of the valley, meet new people and to learn more about what goes on at the radio, how it all comes together and all the technicalities. I’m no stranger to Glastonbury, 2014 being my 11th year at the festival, having been part of Creative Recycling in the green futures field. But now I’m excited to be doing what I’ve always wished to do, contribute in a special way to the festival.  I can’t wait to work as part of the team that brings the first news of the festival to the people arriving, helping build the excitement and broadcasting the stories that make the festival one of a kind

Suzi : Crew – Presenter, Greenfields

Suzi.PicSuzi is returning to the festival after a break of 9 years. A seasoned festival goer she has attended and performed at many festivals. Glastonbury is by far her favourite and she can’t think of a better way to return than being part of the Worthy FM crew 2014.  She currently volunteers at Bristol’s BCFM community radio station and is passionate about live music. She can’t wait to have the opportunity to develop her skills further at Worthy FM. Using talents that clearly would have been put to better use as a Blue Peter Presenter, Suzi will be spending the run up to the festival glueing, sewing and sticky back plastic-ing to transforming Worthy FM HQ into something incredibly spectacular…but that’s enough about that until 25th June, we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise…

Finn Claydon : Crew – Presenter, new music/John Peel Stage

FinnClaydon(1)For me, festivals and radio go hand in hand, as for almost every festival I have been to, I have had a part producing some kind of radio. This started with helping on community radio outside broadcasts from small local festivals and soon led me on to join the crew of WOMAD’s festival radio station. I experienced my first Glastonbury last year working as an editor on Worthy fm and greatly enjoyed listening to and editing the features that were being recorded across the vast and diverse festival. This year I hope to return and explore the bits of the festival I missed last year

Ellie Wright : Crew – Presenter


Can’t wait until I pop my head out of my tent to see the sun rising over Worthy Farm! I cannot wait to be joined for my second Glastonbury by the lovely, and this year fresh faced, Worthy FM crew. Sounds from the Greenfields, Avalon, Cuban Salsa combined with thumping sound systems of Shangri La, West Holts and The Gully catalysed by the buzz of the public, last year, got my ears tuned into the colourful rainbow of performance that makes the sun run fast across the Somerset sky.  With a second year to map out the fields of endless talent I particularly look forward to uncovering and sharing the hidden nooks that lie waiting to be discovered in the never sleeping musical city! Until then I’ll be spinning tunes at my student radio station URY

Alice Liguoir : Crew

AliceLiguoria I’m a first year, Creative Media Practice student studying at Bath Spa University.  I’m currently living in a small village just outside of Bristol and I’m originally from Bedfordshire. During my A-Levels I studied Media Production and Film Studies, and also studied GCSE Media.  During my gap year I worked as a Media Technician at my sixth form school, my love of music really makes me want to see how this side of media operates.

Evie Chartres : Crew


I am currently in my first year of studying Creative Media Practice at Bath Spa University.  I am looking forward to experiencing my first Glastonbury festival as part of the Worthy FM radio team this year. It’s a chance for me to work with like-minded people, in a live professional environment, who share my passion for media. I am enthusiastic to get stuck in and become a member of a team working at one of the biggest music events in the world.

Pam Muir : Crew

PamMuir Pam is joining Worthy FM from the deepest depths of Staffordshire. She is currently studying for an MA in Broadcast Journalism at Staffordshire University and is a presenter at community radio station Stafford FM. Pam has always been passionate about radio- particularly community radio. She said: “There is a real shift going on, it’s about giving power back to the people.” Pam‘s first Glastonbury was back in 2008- and nothing could prepare her for the scale of the festival. She said: “It really does turn into a small city. Everyone is incredibly friendly and it’s got a really special energy about it”.

Chris Ash : Crew  


I am a Radio Production graduate from Staffordshire University, and am about to try and embark on a career in Radio. I found my feet in broadcasting when I started presenting on Kettering Hospital Radio. Since then I have worked on student radio, commercial radio, and spent a month interning at Amazing Radio in Newcastle, and in my final year of University taken on the role of Head of Music at One Media Radio. The shows I’ve presented contain music that is new and interesting, and I love chatting to the artists behind the music.   Glastonbury is the ultimate festival, it isn’t just a festival, it is an event, this is my first time at Glasto, and who knows it might not rain. I know it will probably rain, oh well, can’t wait to meet some cool people and enjoy the whole event.

James Tighe : Crew


James started out in hospital radio when he was a student nurse in the days when discs were vinyl and interviews were taped. After a long break from radio he was one of the first presenters on Croydon Radio where he still presents a weekly live music show.  He is still a nurse during the day and has given up all ambition to be on the radio and actually get paid – it is just too much fun. This is his first year at Glastonbury, he says, ‘Those other festivals - it was just a fling, they meant nothing to me’.

Dave Decibel : Crew – Burning Man USA exchange

1291419_10201094170251212_1750640438_o(1)Dave Decibel is the Production Manager for BMIR, the onsite radio station of the Burning Man Festival in the deserts of Nevada, USA.  Dave has been involved in radio since 1996, currently working as DJ, hosting a dance mixshow on Saturday nights in New Mexico, USA.  In addition to this, Dave runs his own podcast http://davedecibel.podomatic.com  and this is his first trip across the pond as part of Worthy FM’s annual crew member exchange.  He missed his chance to buy a ticket to Coachella and decided to see the world instead.

Bex Hayzelden : Crew

BexHayzeldenSince I first heard the John Peel show, at the age of 10, I’ve been hooked on radio. For me nothing beats the buzz of introducing people to a new band for the first time and I love thinking of quirky features to get people interested in new music. The thing I’m looking forward to most at this year’s Glastonbury is stumbling across an amazing band I’ve never heard before. I don’t think anything can top the dreamy feeling of hearing incredible new music live. But I don’t want to keep this feeling to myself! I’ll be hoping to guide listeners through the new bands they need to see across the weekend.

Daniel Minty : Crew


Radio is my absolute passion. For the past 10 months – I’ve breathed, ate and slept Radio! I’m currently a third-year Filmmaking and Creative Media student studying at UWE in Bristol. I’m also the current Station Manager for our student radio station – Hub Radio – this story all boils down to the fact Tim Westwood told me in 2011 to get a haircut and instead – I got involved in this station, since then I have moulded my degree to match the needs of our beloved station and have been a massive contributor! I’ve interviewed artists/bands such as Frank Turner, Django Django, Frightened Rabbit, Editors, CHVRCHES, The Pigeon Detectives and more! There was also an incredible session with the American Folk singer – Nathaniel Rateliff who absolutely stormed The Louisiana at his sold out gig back in January this year.

Jade Worsley : Crew


I’ve had a thing for radio since I was around 7 and pretended I had my own radio station! My mum & dad were my only listeners. I then moved onto presenting at hospital radio where there were lots of requests for Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra as you can imagine.  I’m a big fan of new music so when I joined my student radio station I was in my element. I love introducing people to new music and talking so I have a lot of fun. I’ve had the privilege of interviewing some pretty amazing artists too, like Pro Green & Rizzle Kicks.   Glastonbury is by far my favourite festival. It attracts the best punters for a start. The atmosphere is friendly, fun and crazy. And of course the music is the cherry on top. From Beyoncé headlining on the Pyramid stage to Bastille on the John Peel stage! It’s a bit like my iPod a huge mix of different sounds. I’m proud to be a part of arguably the best festival station, Worthy FM. Can’t wait to get on the air and make some noise. Bring on Glasto 2014.

James Dann : Crew


I love talking. It’s what I do best. If radio wasn’t invented I would be sitting on my rooftop shouting at the neighbourhood. I started out broadcasting years ago on Coventry Radio Source Fm, and instantly fell for the joy of chatting my head off, playing great music, and giving people something to smile about on their drive home from work or lazy Sunday afternoon.  It’s always been a dream of mine to work at Glastonbury and support the festival. The festival for me is like a city in itself, but instead of banks there are stages, instead of houses there are tents, and instead of traffic wardens there are fire breathers. It’s my ideal place! And working here is exactly where I want to be.

Sammy James : Crew  


After an unbelievable first experience of Glastonbury as a punter on Pennard Hill in 2013, I can’t wait to see a different side of the festival as a member of the Worthy FM team.  I really am excited to have the opportunity to broadcast directly to the festival, and am looking forward to meeting many of the crazy, wonderful and talented people that make Glasto so memorable. I am  currently studying French at Leeds University and have been fascinated by radio since I was a teenager.  I presented on hospital radio, Leeds Student Radio and  also worked on the Radio Aire breakfast show. Current in France on a year off I can’t wait to get back into the Studio at Worthy FM.

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