Working at the festival

Paid work

The numbers employed directly by the Festival are relatively small, and are largely in administrative roles covering some of the traditionally less glamorous aspects of the organisation, including:

· Finance, licensing, general administration & enquiries
· Infrastructure, procurement & coordination of temporary infrastructure
· Site, sanitation, environmental and ground works

Most of these departments begin recruiting early in the New Year for positions commencing in the Spring, so whilst we may not have a job going in your area at the moment, CVs will be kept on file so that you can be contacted if a suitable role comes up in future.

If you are interested in working in one of these areas, then please use our jobs form to upload your CV, telling us your availability, and select the area you’re interested in working in. Please use the comments box to let us know more about your key skills and what you would bring to the organisation.

Jobs in the offices can last from a couple of weeks to all year round, depending on the job, so please let us know whether you’re interested in short-term or long-term positions, and when you would be available.

Please also bear in mind that none of these jobs are an easy way into the Festival: they involve hard work and not much time off over the Festival period. Festival or events experience can be beneficial, but it’s not essential. If you’re a whizz with a spreadsheet and have good organisational skills then that goes a long way.

Please note, as the Festival offices are in rural Somerset with limited transport infrastructure outside of the Festival period, the ability to travel independently is essential. employ car parking staff from the Sunday before the Festival until the Monday after the Festival – staff are required to work a minimum of four 12 hour shifts. Similarly employ staff to assist with running the campervan and caravan fields. They also supply checkers at vehicle gates and staff the onsite vehicle chaperone service.

Market traders do require staff, but in the main they recruit people they know. If you know traders who come to the Festival, get in touch with them early as they have limited number of passes for each stall.

Work experience placements

The most common employment request that the Festival receives is for work placements. Placements of more than a few weeks are simply not feasible as experienced Festival staff required to mentor work placements are only on site for a limited time through the year. Even if you are available for two or three weeks around the Festival, it's still quite unlikely that we can take you on. At a time of high pressure, there is little opportunity to advise and supervise someone learning the job. If you do still enquire about a placement, it is essential that any enquiry clearly specifies available dates. For health and safety reasons the Festival can only employ people aged 18 and over.

Working for your ticket

There are opportunities to work for different organisations and charities providing services for the Festival. Normally people are required to work three 8 hour shifts for their ticket, but it does vary slightly. In some cases you would be required to pay for the ticket in advance, and would be reimbursed after completing the required hours.

  • Oxfam provide stewarding at key locations such as entry gates. Oxfam recruits from a wide selection of regular Oxfam supporters, previous stewards and the general public. For further information about stewarding with Oxfam please go to
  • Festaff provide volunteer wristbanding staff for Glastonbury, you work 3 x 8 hour shifts for your ticket and the rest of the time is yours to soak up the Festival and have fun with your
  • Recyclers/Litter pickers are recruited by the Festival. Initially people who have worked successfully before are approached, thereafter applications are taken from those who get in touch with the Festival.  2017 waiting list now closed to new applicants.
  • If you have medical, paramedic or first aid qualifications, you can apply to join Dr Chris Howes’ team of volunteers by completing the application on the website
  • Tent stewards and campsite wardens are recruited from local carnival clubs, parent teachers associations, sports clubs and voluntary groups. Over the past five years the Festival has trained thousands of individuals, has a waiting list of organisations wishing to raise funds in this way and does not anticipate many vacancies.
  • Property lockups are run by different peace and environmental groups, so if you are a member of such a group, you might wish to check if your local branch is involved.
  • If you already volunteer for a charity, you may be able to work at the Festival through them. Check out if they are coming to Glastonbury. Similarly, if you are a Samaritan, you could investigate joining their Festival Branch.
  • Oasis Carnival recruit workers for stewarding/working on the outside of the Festival for people looking to work in exchange for their ticket. You can find more information at or e-mail


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