~ Applications to trade at Glastonbury 2016 will be open from Monday October 5th 2015 ~

Hundreds of food traders, charities, campaigning organisations and peddlers of the bizarre and unique trade at Glastonbury Festival each year. Pitches are not allocated on a first come first served basis, each application is assessed on its own merit so please give as much information as possible including photographs of your pitch and products. Each stall is priced individually, based on the location of the site, the type of organisation, the number of staff, the size of stall, the products being sold and so on. There will be more than 170,000 people on site at the busiest, with the public arriving from Wednesday morning onwards and most staying until Monday morning.

Traders FAQ’s

What does Glastonbury Festival look for from applicants?

The presentation and appearance of your stall is important as is the goods you are proposing to sell.  The online application process requires you to upload photos of your stall and products. If you do not have photos of your stall, we would need to see a sketch or artists impression of how your stall would look if it were at Glastonbury Festival 2015, applications with no photos/sketches are incomplete and will not go through to the selection process. We look for creative and aesthetically pleasing stalls which fit in with the ethics of the Festival. We are keen for the Festival Markets to be full of good quality food/products, at a good price and are particularly interested in applications from stalls offering ethically sourced products such as Fairtrade, organic, local, British, etc. When completing your application, please ensure stall and pitch sizes are correct. We use the information you give us to plan our market areas and are unable to make changes once space has been allocated.

Is there anything I am not allowed to sell?

There is a list of products and services which cannot be sold without prior authorisation. This will be supplied upon application.

How do I apply for a stall on behalf of a charity/campaigning organisation?

The Green Futures Field is home to a number of campaign and charity stalls. To apply, please complete the relevant traders application form giving as much information about what you do and what you would bring to the Festival including photos/sketches. There is no electricity in this area and generators are not allowed, if you need power to your stall, you could look into solar power as a green alternative. Also, no vehicles are allowed to park within an allocated pitch in this area unless they are an integral part of the stall (for example you trade from a boat or a fire engine) If your application is successful, you will be allocated a short stay pass to allow you to drop your equipment/stock to your stall and then park your vehicle in the Festival car park.  Stalls in this area have a reduced pitch fee.

When will I find out if I have a pitch?

We will contact each applicant by the end of February 2015 to let them know the outcome of their application.

If I am successful, what happens next?

Successful applicants will be emailed an offer to trade giving them lots of information including full details of the pitch location and size we are offering, how many passes and vehicle passes we are offering and the price. If you wish to accept our offer, you will need to agree to the Traders Terms and Conditions and complete a survey to allow us to begin our 2015 Sustainability Audit. We will then send out further information about the ordering of power and water (if required). We have a variety of approved wholesalers who supply a wide range of products including chilled and frozen foods, disposables, gas, fruit and vegetables, meat, milk, bread, charcoal, refrigeration and ethical produce. These wholesalers deliver to stalls both before and during the Festival, we also have an onsite wholesale market which traders can visit on foot to collect supplies. Further information will be sent out to successful applicants in April. The gates will open to successful applicants at 8am on Sunday 21st June 2015, all traders must be onsite by midday on Tuesday 23rd June 2015, please expect to be onsite until at least 6pm on Monday 29th June 2015.

Access Guidelines for Traders Click here to download a PDF of Access Guidelines for Traders. We now have hundreds of Deaf and disabled customers, artists and crew on site every year, all of whom make use of traders. Green Traders Awards 2014 Click here for information on the 2014 Green Trader Awards winners.

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