Getting to & from Glastonbury

For full info of how to get to and from the Festival by your chosen mode of transport, click the options on the right.

For SATNAV postcodes and info on buying car park tickets please see the By Car section

Click on the Glastonbury logo on the map above to get directions to the Festival site

Nearly a third of all ticket holders now come to the site on coachestrains and other forms of public transport. We’d encourage you to join them, and reduce your carbon footprint.

We are always trying to encourage more people to come to the festival by bike. For more info, see our cycling page.

Anyone travelling to the Festival by public transport will also become a Glastonbury Festival Green Traveller - giving you discounts on meals and merchandise.

If you are driving to the Festival, you’ll need a car parking pass. If you have a pass, put the sticker on the windscreen well before you reach the Festival site. And if you have some spare seats, why not find some travel companions via Lift Share or goCarShare.

For the latest travel information, check out the Festival website. Once within range (about 25 miles) tune into Worthy FM on 87.7 FM – it’s good for traffic news both when you arrive and when you leave (and listen in to the morning show each day to find out what is happening on site).

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