Getting to & from Glastonbury

For full info of how to get to and from the Festival by your chosen mode of transport, click the options.

New Private Hire coach arrangements for 2016

All Private Coaches need to be booked in to a timeslot before 1ST JUNE. The payment window is 1st – 8th June & passes will then be sent out to arrive before the Festival. Failure to book will result in failure to be allowed access. See details below.

For the first time at this year’s Festival there will be a Private Hire Coach Park at Bronze Gate on the Festival side of the A361. It will be a dedicated area for dropping off on the Wednesday and picking up on the Monday of the Festival. There will be a waiting area, stewards and fencing, and you will be able to walk directly in to the Festival site via either Gate A or D. It will be open for drop off from 0500 to 1800 on Wednesday 22nd June & from 0200 to 1800 on Monday 27th June 2016 for pick up.

There will be a charge of £100 to use this new facility and ALL Coaches will need to be booked into a time slot by Wednesday 1st June 2016. A pass will then be allocated for the Private Hire Coach park when the payment has cleared. Failure to secure a  time slot will mean that the coach will need to find a safe alternative dropping off and pick up location which will end up being miles from the site and result in a long walk. For more information click here and scroll towards the bottom of the page.

For SATNAV postcodes and info on buying car park tickets please see the By Car section

Click on the Glastonbury logo on the map above to get directions to the Festival site

Nearly a third of all ticket holders now come to the site on coachestrains and other forms of public transport. We’d encourage you to join them, and reduce your carbon footprint.

We are always trying to encourage more people to come to the festival by bike. For more info, see our cycling page.

If you are driving to the Festival, you’ll need a car parking pass. If you have a pass, put the sticker on the windscreen well before you reach the Festival site.

For the latest travel information, check out the Festival website. Once within range (about 25 miles) tune into Worthy FM on 87.7 FM – it’s good for traffic news both when you arrive and when you leave (and listen in to the morning show each day to find out what is happening on site).

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