Left Field

Welcome to the Left Field! Until then, read below for a recap of what took place in 2019…

Worthy Farm may have enjoyed a fallow year but politics has been grinding on, with Big Bad Brexit taking up most of the available bandwidth for discussion. The good news is Left Field is back and focusing on issues that need talking about: the environment, the rise of the populist right, how the gig economy is pushing people to the margins of society. We’ll also be marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots – which falls on the weekend of the festival – with a panel on queer liberation.

And we’re backing our arguments up with some great music from young artists who have something to say about the pressures that they live under. Left Field is all about big tent politics so come and join us under our big tent to recharge your activism!

Billy Bragg 2019

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The Worker’s Beer Company and myself started the Left Field Tent, following our tradition of campaigning for CND and helping the miners who were totally destroyed by Maggie in the eighties.

And before that there was the huge surge of interest in the Green movement’s efforts to clean up our country when the eco warriors arrived here in all their glory in the seventies.

Fortunately for us all, Billy and Juliet have now picked up the baton. Their passion and integrity is what’s needed to run the Left Field Tent to fight for a change and give our poorer people just half a chance to live decent, happy and worthwhile lives.


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