The Common

In the south-eastern corner of Glastonbury lives a secret waiting to be uncovered, part dream, part vision, an ancient mystery pulling you into its orbit….. Here, the ground beneath ancient ruins vibrates. This is a place to praise, learn and party. A place where the elements unite, where the dimensions merge and all your musical, mystical and most craved-for desires can be realised. Prepare to be transported: gather your tribe, come with us and enter into… The Common!

Samula: The Portal

At the place where The Cave once stood, an evolution has taken place. From deep sources underground, ancient rivers and hidden streams have sprung forth with new life, a new and sparkling jewel has emerged! Dance under glistening waters of Samula: The Portal, splash around in the sounds of Sub System, Jamie Scones, Daniel Haaksman, and Emily Dust. Soak your sense with AAA Badboy, the Duchess DJs, Ngaio, and Aleighcia Scott. Let the rhythm rain down with Channel One Soundsystem, Deep Low Matty Co, Ayito. Dive in deep waters with Serial Killaz, Mrs Magoo and DJ Vadim, with a Sunday all-day drench-down courtesy of the Hospitality Takeover inc. London Elektricity & High Contrast.

The Rum Shack

At the Rum Shack we take Glastonbury’s legacy as one of the biggest experiments in utopia-creation seriously. This year we’re setting an example we hope the world outside will follow… 50% of the Rum Shack’s line up are women. Expect raucous bands, tear-the-house-down DJ’s and badass beat-makers. Keep your eyes on our Facebook for announcements of the ferociously talented females we are lucky to host alongside the likes of Mike Skinner, Lowkey and Barney Artist.

The Temple

Brand new and unveiled in 2017 (remember THAT video?) the Temple presides over the Common like a God hewn of stone. Ravers, raise your hands in the air and praise the deity of dance, let go, get ecstatic! Once again, prepare to bow before the biggest names. Besides the likes of Fabio & Groove Rider, Kings of The Rollers feat Inja and Monika Kruse – Bearded Kitten are back and they’ve bought with them the likes of Seth Troxler, Waze & Odyssey and Eats Everything for a truly slaying Sunday night Temple takeover. In the calming daytime rays let the heavens above the Temple open and shower upon you knowledge and cerebral stimulation, with talks from some of the leading thinkers and revolutionaries we have pulled into this moment of enlightenment, especially for your nourishment, beloved Commoners.

Temple Talks / Wisdom Keepers

The Mezcal Yard

A cactus needle into the vein of your partying spirit: a shot of Mexico’s most magical desert juice down your throat! Brand new for 2019, the Mezcal Yard has bottled the spirit of the desert and serves it up as many varieties and amongst the highest of vibes you could hope for!

New venue for 2019!

We’ve made something incredibly special for you. Amidst the well-loved rave-arenas of The Temple and the Rum Shack a new and sparkling jewel has emerged, a secret, sacred well, a portal to another world! Prepare to be submerged in sound and born again… providing the soundtrack for this re-birth are the likes of Channel One Soundsystem, Manudigital and Daniel Haaksman. More details coming soon!

Temple Talks

The Yin to your party-Yang is a programme of talks that take you from the cerebral to the celestial, the ceremonial to the spiritual. You will not leave a Temple Talk the same person as you entered, so expertly have we curated this programme of mind-expanding and horizon-shifting experiences administered by our troupe of global experts and thinkers. Open your mind and let the knowledge seep into you…

Ben Sessa will offer alternative angles and visions through his research into the use of Psychedelic therapy, whilst Andy Roberts’ audio-visual treat will unpack the history of LSD in the UK. An expose not for the faint-hearted, JS Rafaeli and Neil Woods present an insider’s scoop on the real story of Britain’s War on Drugs.

On Saturday, join us for a beautiful and powerful water ceremony conducted by Wisdom Keepers from around the world, along with a talk on the New Science of Water where new understandings about the miraculous qualities of water from the scientific perspective are allowing us to understand and appreciate water in different ways. We’ll also hear from Rights of Nature lawyer and campaigner, Paul Powlesland about moves to obtain legal rights for the British Isle’s most famous river, The River Thames !

On Sunday, Graham Hancock’s long view of the climate crisis brings our own relationship with our world into stark contrast with the ancient wisdoms and great traditions that preceded us, opening deep thought and debate, with the help of an expert panel of special guests: From Shamans to Seers, wisdom-keepers and healers, activists and visionaries , don’t miss Graham’s round table of special guests Lila Lieberman, Chris Deckker, Jeff Firewalker Schmitt, Erica Gagnon, and Gail Bradbrook – each with a completely different, unique, and fascinating angles into some of our earth’s core resonances and rhythms, and some of the most fertile pathways forward that we can all embark on to facilitate the Great Turning our species is engaged in.

Temple Talks
Wisdom Keepers


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