We can’t wait to welcome you all back to Strummerville, we’ve missed you.

This year, in our own little area away from it all, high on the hill by Worthy Gate, you’ll find Joe’s 24hr campfire so you can kick back and relax in a beautiful woody glade, watch some amazing musicians perform and quench your thirst in the CasBar, eat at the cafe and survey the Festival from the best viewpoint, all with the famous Strummerville vibe.



“Playing by the Strummerville campfire was the highlight of our Glastonbury 2016. It completely reaffirmed our belief in festival love and it was perfect to see faces old and new gathered on top of the festival all in honour of the late great. You’d be lucky to find a vibe like it anywhere else in the world.”
The Mystery Jets

“So we played on Sunday afternoon (needless to say I was a little broken!!) and, after very slowly making our way up what seemed like an endless ski slope of mud. We arrived to a little, warm haven, that made us feel all safe and protected from everything that had happened the days before!! The atmosphere was calm, the people were gentle, and we had the pleasure of singing our hearts out. It seemed to resonate there in between the trees of the Strummerville stage and it felt like magic!!”
Circe’s Diner

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Photo by Tom Beard

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