San Remo

Welcome to San Remo, between the Pyramid, Woodsies and Silver Hayes, where a gathering of the tribes is guaranteed…

It is the time of the great return. As the lights go on at the San Remo, pilgrims set their sights on what has become a lightning rod for spiritual travellers, a place where each year tribes come together to find themselves in movement, to commune with the music, and to bacchanal. They come bearing stories, recounting adventures around the globe in the previous twelve months, while always returning to this vantage point that for a brief moment – the space of a mirage, almost – functions as the centre of the world. What draws these seekers to the San Remo is a magnetism of the blood, a feel for the proximity of fellow believers, a love of the poetry of experience and the urge to dance about it. A place where all of our moments conspire in epiphany to give birth to the NOW. Who is in the place this year? Dreamers, dancers. Joined together in epiphany, in a great resounding “YES” to experience and to possibility. They meet at the San Remo to reminisce and to plot, but most of all they meet beneath the flickering neon of its sign, in the fantasy of the Mexican night, its morse code a beacon in the darkness, in order to feel a part of something greater, to find themselves in the experience of returning, again and again. Where first the San Remo seemed like a stopping point along the way, it is now a fixed point of pilgrimage. Elusive, transitory, impossible to verify, yes. But there, at the centre of the calendar, the liminal space of the San Remo is at the heart of magic, and that’s where the tribes will come together. Again. And again.

Serving refill coffees, soft drinks and a house cocktail list including Bloody Marys, Vodka Espressos and the (quite possibly) world famous frozen Lageritas. 

Open 10am – 3am* Wednesday through Sunday (*2.30am Sunday)

Enjoy your stay!

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