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The Wisdom Keepers’ Water Ceremony at The Common, Glastonbury Festival, 2019
By Kath Veitch

At last year’s Glastonbury Festival, The Common had the honour of hosting The Wisdom Keeper’s Water Ceremony. In the spirit of the roots and vibe of the Common, we came together that day with our own unique voices and energies to make a whole, to make some noise and to make a difference. We gathered on the Saturday afternoon in Samula, the new venue whose design is based on the sacred underground water caves from the Yucatan state in Mexico. Led by three of the Wisdom Keepers carrying ancient traditions from our own lands and those from around the world, we performed sacred ceremony to honour and offer profound gratitude to this land and the Waters of the World, and we all received blessings from the Waters. We sang and also listened to beautiful song, music and prayer as well as amazing speakers on the fascinating topic of Water, the essential ingredient to all life on this blue planet.

We heard from Matt Thornton on the New Science of Water that is ushering in a new understanding that will cause a paradigm shift across science, life and reality as we know it. We listened to the beautiful words of Charlotte Pulver who is mapping the Springs in London and who urged us to, “Hear the call of the land… visit our Springs… find the true treasure, bless it… Bless your water when you drink it”. We were also inspired and encouraged by Paul Powlesland who spoke to us about the growing movement worldwide that has and is granting waterways, mountains, forests and land their own rights as living, sovereign beings. The movement looks at ‘ecocide’ and aims to address the way western legal systems treat nature as property and a commodity. In the UK, the first example is in our very own Frome in Somerset where Frome is petitioning the British government to grant the River Frome “legal personhood” – in effect, giving it human rights.

Jyoti, the North American Wisdom Keeper, told us, “It is a significant moment here on this planet… the Waters are the blood of this planet. The Waters are an entity. They are a being. They have knowledge. They have wisdom, all of our Waters…The way they move across her skin and underneath her skin, and through her caves and out in to her oceans, connecting everything with Water… our bodies are the same imprint.” We are Water. Our bodies are 70% water, the same ratio as our home planet. Our brains are 95% water. Every living thing begins its life in water.

The tribal elders have always understood water. Given it is everywhere, we have known very little about it. Similarly to Jyoti’s words, Matt Thornton explained and demonstrated to us how water has self-organising structures, can carry information and has a storage or memory capability. It receives imprints from substances, activities, emotions, thoughts, prayers and intentions to which it has been exposed. Matt used a ‘Cymascope’ to show us the patterns that were made from the sounds of the entire ceremony. They were projected on the digital screens that envelop Samula. This instrument shows the incredible sensitivity of water to reveal vibrations of audible and inaudible sounds, and even our consciousness. Evidence shows human emotions are the strongest influence on the structure of water. Matt spoke of the “power of our prayer” and to “understand that your voice and energy behind your words makes all the difference”. He quotes Dr Emoto, the world-renowned Water Researcher and author of ‘Love Yourself’ and other books, “Your prayers will be taken to the rest of the world”.

Matt shared, “When we understand water, the road map for ending all pollution will begin”. He describes the vicious cycle where, “When we destroy our environment, we get sick and when we get sick, we destroy our environment.” Herein lies the understanding of Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian forester, who stated nearly 100 years ago, “The biggest environmental disaster that we are seeing is our failure to understand the need to protect the quality of our water”. We are urged to change our relationship with Water. Our love and gratitude can transform Water – our bodies, our minds, our planet. Each time we see Water we can say thank you. Essentially, as Matt says, “Drink good water, think beautiful thoughts, and listen to good music, because water loves love and it loves music.”

See you and your beautiful vibes in the Common this 2020 …blessings a-plenty …. Wishing you a happy new year of going with the flow and having “the serenity to accept the things (you) cannot change, the courage to change the things (you) can and the wisdom to know the difference… Living one day at a time,
 Enjoying one moment at a time.” ?

For the full article and footnotes please see  https://www.breatheourword.com/post/the-wisdom-keepers-water-ceremony-at-the-common

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