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Earth Defenders Rise Up ! The Resolution Needs YOU – Graham Hancock and special guests: Sunday 3pm

Humanity finds itself at a critical juncture in its history: in the next decade we must decide as a species whether we are worthy of the gift of being the custodians of this beautiful Blue Planet and all forms of life that it contains. The ancient cultures have many of the tools and technologies that have enabled us to live well, sustainably and in harmony, for millennia on this planet and are now stepping forward to share these precious teachings with us. At the same time, new technologies married with consciousness offer us the opportunity to bring about cultural change at a global level. A new generation of committed, conscious and sacred activists are stepping up to bring about this Great Turning. Join this inspirational panel of global activists and thought leaders to share, discover and dream up the new pathways we need to tread together. The Resolution Needs You!!! Join Us for the great adventure of our time!


Graham Hancock
Graham is the author of Magicians of the Gods, and of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods, and Heaven’s Mirror. His books have sold more than five million copies worldwide and have been translated into 27 languages. His public lectures, radio and TV appearances, including two major TV series for Channel 4 in the UK and The Learning Channel in the US – Quest For The Lost Civilisation and Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age – have put his ideas before audiences of tens of millions. He has become recognised as an unconventional thinker who raises controversial questions about humanity’s past.

In 2005 Graham published Supernatural: Meetings with The Ancient Teachers of Mankind, an investigation of shamanism and the origins of religion. This controversial book suggests that experiences in altered states of consciousness have played a fundamental role in the evolution of human culture, and that other realities – indeed parallel worlds – surround us all the time but are not normally accessible to our senses.

Graham Hancock is the author of the No 1 bestseller Fingerprints of the Gods, and Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.

* In 2013 his TED talk, “The War on Consciousness” was famously banned by TED but resurfaced in multiple pirate editions all over the internet: Click here to watch it.


Lila Lieberman 
Lila has been working with medicinal plants and indigenous ways of healing for 23 years, beginning her journey in the Atacama Desert of Peru. She is initiated as sangoma, traditional healer and seer, in the Shona tradition of South Africa, where she was born. She has spent much time engaging with cultural wisdom teachings and plants in a medicinal capacity, learning the optimal ways to open our perception to the natural kingdoms around us.

Her academic background is in Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Transpersonal Psychology, with a Diploma in Integral Coaching. She now lives in Byron Bay, Australia.

Through her experience she has found that initiation is a ‘stepping over the threshold’ that broadens our perception. Its purpose is to activate the wisdom encoded within us from beyond time. It brings about an empowerment and ancestral alignment that allows us to function in a heightened capacity. This motivation guides her path as she conducts ceremony to reconnect clients with their ancestry, align that which remains unresolved in the lineage, and open connection with the plant and spirit kingdoms to gain wisdom. Working with medicinal plants, dreaming practice, and biological understanding, her interest is in igniting the role that initiation and ceremony play in midwifing us into expanded states of being.

Her current work is a systemic body of knowledge she has received directly through the plant kingdom and dreams. It addresses the universal allocations of medicine in natural bodies and the “Five Pillars of Medicine” that follow specific timeless principles. Her talks and workshops facilitate the practical application of harnessing this wisdom in our lives. She currently runs several workshops on plant medicine, plant communication, and facilitating deep connection with self, other and environment.

Atossa Soltani
Atossa Soltani is the founder and board president of Amazon Watch, a nonprofit organization working to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin. She served as the organization’s first Executive Director from 1996-2014. Currently Atossa is the Director of Global Strategy for the Amazon Sacred Headwaters Initiative, working to protect 60 million acres of rainforest considered as the most biodiverse ecosystem on Earth. The initiative is led by an alliance of Amazonian indigenous nations of Ecuador and Peru in partnership with Fundación Pachamama, Amazon Watch and the Pachamama Alliance. Atossa is the Hillary Institute 2013 Global Laureate for Climate Leadership and recipient of the 2014 Hillary Step Prize. She is currently producing her first feature-length documentary film titled The Flowabout learning from nature’s genius. From 2008-2017, Atossa served as a trustee of The Christensen Fund and was Board chair for 2011-2016.

Jeff Firewalker Schmitt
Jeff Firewalker Schmitt, PhD, is a Scientist, Folk Healer, Tabaquero, Ceremonialist and Musician; he is a walker- between-worlds. Jeff has also practiced and taught Chinese martial arts for most of his life. As a 35-year veteran scientist, Jeff has published over 100 papers and patents. As a social entrepreneur he has helped start five companies, one of which was taken to the public markets in 2002. Jeff is a dedicated practitioner and student of the folk healing traditions of Peru and North America: www.firewalker.be.

Jeff enthusiastically works with clients using sacred healing and counselling methods; one of his greatest joys is bringing people together in sacred community to facilitate personal and planetary healing. He is also a teacher of the healing arts of South America and the Andes: www.eaglecondorcouncil.org. Over the past 25 years he has given nearly 200 invited presentations, including a TEDx talk and key- note at the Global Philosophy Forum. As a university professor, he taught advanced undergraduate, graduate-level and interdisciplinary courses.

Jeff has enjoyed a decades-long relationship with the sacred healing plant, tobacco. For many years, Jeff studied the neuroprotective properties of compounds found in tobacco and helped start a company to fight diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s based on this research. Over the years his relationship has shifted to working with tobacco as a teacher and catalyst for sacred healing. After a concentrated apprenticeship with noted Curanderos, traditional healers or shamans, Jeff was given the title Tabaquero or ‘one who heals with tobacco’.


Erika Gagnon
Erika Gagnon is a Canadian ceremonial leader and wisdom keeper of mixed race ancestry, who has walked the “ Camino Rojo/Red Road ” for 24 years, working with Indigenous elders of North & South America and their ceremonies, traditions & medicinal plants. She has walked through the altars of the Vision Quest, SunDance and Danza de los Epiritus, and has the blessing of her elders to continue their traditions and lead Temazcal (sweat lodges), water blessing, tobacco and other healing ceremonies.

Erika openly shares wisdom on traditions and ceremonies of the Americas, plant medicines, sacred altars, ancestral lineage, the origins of disease, and how to transmute toxic thoughts & destructive energies that can cause discord in our body, mind, spirit & soul.


Water Is Life ! Water Ceremony with the Wisdom Keepers + Talk on the New Science of Water + Rights of Nature for British Rivers: Saturday 3pm

Please join us for this sacred celebration and honouring of Water, the essential ingredient to all life on this watery Blue Planet. Led by ceremonialists carrying ancient traditions from our own lands and those from around the world, together we will perform sacred ceremony to honour and offer our profound gratitude to the Waters of the World, at a time when they are threatened by pollution, fracking, desertification and climate change.

We will hear from experts in the New Science of Water, learning how modern techniques and approaches are helping us understand the extraordinary qualities of Water, its ability to record and carry information, and adapt and change according to the consciousness we project.

Become part of the growing movement worldwide to grant Water in the form of rivers and lakes its own rights as a sovereign being, happening right here in Somerset with the River Frome and now as part of the campaign to obtain the rights of nature for the River Thames, a fundamentally important precedent which will set the bar for the rest of the world.

Join us to remember, learn and celebrate that Water Is Life!

Matt Thornton
International speaker on the emergent field of the New Science of Water and Consciousness, Matt Thornton takes you on a journey exploring the scientific revolution currently underway led by new discoveries and modern understandings about Water. This dynamic talk will lead you to view water, Nature, the environment and even ourselves in a different way as we understand the implications of being 99% water at a molecular level – allowing for deeper sense of our own purpose and spiritual growth.

Trained by the late Dr Masaru Emoto on the effect of our consciousness on water, Matt is the founder of the Emoto Peace Project in the UK and now dedicates his time to supporting a new water conscious generation. Part physicist, part artist, part entrepreneur, Matt has worked and studied water with some of the top water scientists around the world for the past ten years. His aim wherever you are is to give you an experience of waters’ true nature.




Paul Powlesland
Paul will speak on why rivers and other waters should have legal rights, in the same way as people and companies currently do. Although this might appear a strange idea at first, the extension of legal rights has been occurring since the earliest days of our legal system and there are already a number of rivers around the world with such rights. Most importantly, it is doubtful that we will truly treat our waters as sacred and as vital as they are, until we give them legal rights.

After practising as a barrister in London for a decade, Paul realised the urgent need to create greater respect and protection for the natural world within our legal system. He therefore founded Lawyers for Nature to represent the natural world and all who are seeking to defend it. He writes and speaks on legal rights for the natural world, as well as representing the natural world (including trees and rivers) in the courts as best he can within the current legal framework. He has a natural affinity for water, lives on a boat and has founded a community project to restore a river in East London.

JYOTI – Turtle Island Tradition
Jyoti (Jeneane Prevatt, PhD) is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher. She has cultivated projects that demonstrate ways of life that honour the Earth and all Peoples.

As the Spiritual Director of the Center for Sacred Studies, she co-founded Kayumari, an international spiritual healing community with centers both in America and Europe. She has devoted her life to bringing unity to the planet by facilitating the development of alliances between individuals who are the guardians of indigenous culture and traditional medicine ways.

Other projects she has helped to convene are the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers and the Unity Concert. She sits on The Fountain, whose mission is restoring an economic model based on collaboration and reciprocity guided by Nature and the Sacred.

Through this work collaborative relationships with organisations that are focused on economic, social and environmental solutions have developed, creatively addressing the global challenges of our times.


Kazumi Ohishi – Okinawan Shaman, Female Oracle tradition
Born in Okinawa, an island off the south coast of Japan, Kazumi is a Kaminchu, a type of shaman who deals with the Gods. They communicate with higher beings, using the physical body to receive messages. Kaminchu are born psychics and each one carries a different spiritual role.

Traditionally a Kaminchu does not appear in front of people, however Kazumi has been receiving messages regarding the future of the Earth and Humankind and so she has come to the decision that is time to reveal these messages and predictions regarding the spiritual and natural world to people around the world.

In accordance with the messages she receives as an Oracle, Kazumi has been travelling around the world communicating with the Gods and giving prayers and ceremonies with the Mayan elder, Don Alejandro, as well as the Council of the 13 Grandmothers and the Kogi Mamos (spiritual leaders) of Columbia.

J Julia – The Deepen Tradition
Water Seer, Sculptor and Spiritual Mentor, Julia is based in West Sussex, England, where she combines shamanism and the inherited teachings of her lineage in order to build bridges of communication across the Realms of Being in loving Service. She believes, most passionately, that All are capable to participate in the Guardianship of this dear world and can be guided and enabled into their own deep communication with these Other Realms. Her message is that in the re-discovering and reclaiming of the ancient spiritual practices of our native culture, all can move into their own potent Sovereignty, thus effectively embodying and anchoring their unique Gift into the world leading to a natural blooming and Bliss in the realisation of the love of Self and of all life. In this, Inner Peace, naturally creates Outer Peace.

Founder of Sacred Waters of Sussex, Julia works with communities to gently clear, clean and restore ancient water sites. In this joyful and deeply healing work, the discovery of the natural treasure in their midst allows communities to become reconnected, re-invigorated and strengthened which then leads to the formation of new streams of positive creative consciousness and real action in taking loving Guardianship of their own ‘patch’.

In working with the natural Weald Clay of her native county, Julia’s sculptures are a physical representation of the energetic forms of living Water, Water Guardians, Undines and Elemental Beings of Sussex with whom she has formed relationships since being a small child. These sculptures are a physical Bridge to assist humans in finding an opening to their own perception and connection to the Other Realms of Being and to a deeper, embodied peace.

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