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Kidzfield is the family community at the heart of Glastonbury Festival. The dreams, magic and values that Glastonbury was started with, live on in the The Kidzfield. We’ve got all the usual brilliance that makes Kidzfield one of the most special places on earth, as well as some new LEGENDARY and MAGICAL acts to take things to the next level.

Here is the line-up poster (see below for lots more info).


The Big Top

The loveliest and most brilliant Magician on earth, Dynamo, is back with his awesome, kidz only, stage show. We are absolutely delighted to present, for the first time in the Kidzfield, Basil Brush with his full stage show, boom boom!

Star of CBBC, The Art Ninja has a crazy, creative stage show that will get everyone making things, joining in and Ninja Madness!

Cbeebies favourites Andy, Alex and Katy are bringing their Andy and the Odd Socks show, full of fun, comedy, music and crazy capers. As is the tradition for us, each morning Seikou Susso brings forth the sun with the wondrous sound of the West African Kora.

We have the very best of children’s theatre, treats that include Rhubarb Theatre’s brand new ‘Explorers Galorer’s’ show, DNA Theatre’s ‘Tom Thumb’ and The Flying Seagull Project,

Not forgetting The Star Kids and Mr Yipadee and his four legged friend, this is the Big Top at it’s best!

Out on the field, we are delighted to have all the Kidzfield classics. The Helter Skelter, The Castle, The Big Top, The Pirate Ship, The World Famous Make ‘n’ Do Tent, Swingboats, Roundabouts, Zipwire, Climbing Walls and The Legendary Kidzfield Entrance will all be there.

Around our field we have things to do and see, make or join in with, bounce on, jump off, climb up and fly in. We’ve got castles and aliens, bubbles and clowns, swingboats and roundabouts, explosions, magicians, stuntmen and technicolour nuns.

Prof. Panic’s Puppet Arena

Traditional Punch & Judy Show

Zu Aerial Dance

Professor Eek!

Elsie Fanackerpants

Mainbrace Theatre

No Strings Theatre Company

Captain Kipper

Gayton Boyer’s Dinosaurs the Universe and Everything – A Love Story

Krazy Koala

Kabare Pupala.

The Kidz Field Muzikademy

In the Kidz Field Muzikademy we’ve created a fantastic resource for keen young music students of all abilities. We’ve got audio and video recording, instrument lessons, group sessions and as much music and performance tuition as you could hope to have. To those that show promise, we’re giving away ukeleles and other instruments and all the inspiration and encouragement in the world,

The Storytellers Lounge

John Row

Pag’s Instant Theatre

Clive ‘The Storyfella’ Pig

Donald ‘Story Don’ Nelson

Christine Willison

Mark ‘Walk The Lines’ Hill


One of the most popular places in the Kidz Field, everyday from 9:00 am kidz crowd in to create and participate. We couldn’t give you a complete list of what you can make and do here because the incredible team that we have assembled are constantly inventing new things to do.

Most of the materials we use are recycled and everything we teach you is easy to learn and fun to do. Come in through the day and get your face painted, hair or make up done or make your own wardrobe. All you need to bring is a smile!


Buzz Stop

WoW Create with Mrs Recycle


JF Hero Arts

Sticky Fingers Crew

Kajamagoo Arts

Mad Hatters

Crowning Glories

Noona’s Puppet Stew

Scrap Happy

Cre8ivity 4 All

Wicked Wings

Sian’s Workshops

East Anglian Arts Collective

Evering Arty

Nicada Puppets

Helen Brown Print Making

Pixie Jools Copper Jewellery Workshop

Bill Chambers’ Print Workshop

Arts Ahoy

A Tropical Adventure

Magic Garden 

The A.P.E Project presents The Hammers & Nails Carpentry Corner. 

The Legendary Kidz Field Face Painters


Richard Langford’s  Facepaint Artists

Nam Nam’s

Cheshire Cats


Binding and Hair Braiding

Ethiopian Hair Beading

Soft Nail Bar

Out & About

The World Famous Kidz Field Castle

Circus Fudge present ‘Blunderfudge’

Paul Wadsworth’s Artist Masterclass


The Magic Garden Present ‘Over The Rainbow’.


Magical Menagerie

Maynell Games


Present Shakespeare’s ‘A  MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM!’

The Kidz Field is stuffed to the gills with beautiful, bizarre and barmy people to meet and interact with, these are our Walkabouts. At various times you will chance upon the likes of Brain Sheep, Velvet Marbles, Stilt Affliction, Pedro The Clown and his Travelling Cart, Frantic Antics, Be More Smiley’s People, Jamma Da Samba, Mr Wolf Collective, Gorilla Hugs, The Moaner Lisa, Balloon Magician’s, Bouncy Space Hoppers, Professor Noodlestein & His Robot Cybor, Friction Arts’ Magnificent ‘Sisters of Percy’, A.P.E Project The Living Arts Company and Other World Arts.

We are the team that bring dreams. We have people with us who have been creating the wonder for more than 20 years. They live and breath the spirit of Glastonbury Festival and devote their hearts to teaching the children about the joy, love, wonder and awe of the community of the festival.

Little Kidz Area

The National Childbirth Trust

Kidz Field is the space dedicated to kidz at Glastonbury Festival. Glastonbury Festival was founded on, and is committed to, progressive attitudes and inspiring new generations. Children have always been given free admission to Glastonbury and we are the guardians of their domain and facilitators of the largest & finest free festival for kidz in Europe.

The Kidz Field is open from 12pm – 7pm Thursday and 9am til 7pm each day after.

The Kidz Field has a Lost Childrens and a First-Aid post manned by a large group of highly trained professionals.. It is 23 years since the last child was born in the Kidz Field (now a crew member) but we do have a qualified Midwife onsite …

We have a CCTV system to ensure safety and Strawberry Fair stewards are always on hand to keep you safe and ensure that you and yours have a happy childhood at Glastonbury

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