2015 sees the Strummerville Crew on the move once more. This year we will be doing our thing in a magical new area in between the Stone Circle field and The Park with our backs against the wall. It is a truly beautiful spot which includes a fine piece of enchanting Glastonbury woodland. Arguably we have bagged the best view on site (we are biased of course).

The usual shenanigans will take place with special guests and emerging artists performing on stage. There will be DJs, workshops, steel pans, gongs, yoga (maybe), face paint, Piccalilli Cafe, BOOM Burger, the Strummerville cafe (aka the pink shed), merchandise, a BAR and of course the campfire.

This year we will be know as ‘Strummerville in the Spinney’

The Joe Strummer Foundation continues the legacy of Joe Strummer’s campfire community at Glastonbury Festival where people can come to drink, stay warm, talk and laugh with like minded souls any time of day or night. Come and grab a spot and help us keep Joe’s fire alive and well in 2015

The Joe Strummer Foundation is a registered charity the gives opportunities to aspiring musicians and support to projects around the world that create social mobility through music.

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