This year we move the Strummerville bandwagon to Clapps Ground, In between The Common and Block9 as we just needed more space! We will, as ever be bringing our traditional campfire, good vibes, great impromptu music and lots of love...

The Strummerville campfire continues the legacy of Joe Strummers' campfire community at Glastonbury where people can come to drink, talk and laugh with some like-minded individuals.

Joe Strummer will be forever immortalised within rock’n’roll history. He channelled attitude and purpose with great punk-rock anthems to become a voice of a generation. His words and The Clash’s music still influence a generation of young musicians who want to make music with something to say rather than just be one of the crowd. Strummerville aims to maintain this legacy, allowing young musicians with the opportunity to play gigs, get their music heard and help share the spirit of Joe for years to come.

Strummerville was set up after Joe’s death in 2002 by family and friends to cement the views that Joe believed in and to make sure as many people as possible have the chance to learn something from the man in years to come. After all, everybody has a story to tell.

Strummerville believes in helping all styles of music develop. It is about artists organically finding their feet. The charity helps to sow the seeds and then waits to see what grows.

Strummerville have set up their camp and lit the fire, it’s up to the people to come along and keep it burning.

See you there.

About Strummerville:
Strummerville is a registered not for profit music charity that was set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer in the year after his death. Strummerville gives opportunities to aspiring musicians and support to projects that create social mobility through music.

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