The Common 2014


2014 is the year The Common deepens its relationship with Latin America by re-imagining it’s spiritual folklore of its people and revealing a lost civilization with a secret. Hidden in the entangled rainforests of Central America discover the vast, decaying city walls of this once powerful society. Experience mesmeric tribal rituals designed to liberate mind and body, and see the astounding visual stories played out in the magnificent Temple.

Sculptural symbolism and hieroglyphs adorn the Cave, setting out tales of a brutal, yet sophisticated, society. Palms and tropical vegetation sprout between the stone structures whilst huge knots of clinging vines adorn this re-discovered city. And who is ACAB, the mysterious deity to whom the latest addition to the field is dedicated.

The Common uses twists of imagination to connect you to a world of myth where the future meets the ancient and the meaningful. With immense structures, explosive lineups and unique performances, this is the place to lose yourself in a sumptuous Mayan cosmos. A truly organic experience, but underlying the stone and timber, lies a technological infrastructure that comes from the ancient past but speaks of a distant future- is it even of this earth?

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