Glastonbury Festival 2014

The Green Fields

In this 60 acre network of small fields you’ll discover a vision of possibilities for the future, personal and planetary, powered by the sun and the wind and pure imagination.

The Green Fields, which occupy the highest ground and overlook the rest of the festival, are a joyous celebration of life.

Here, you will be invited to participate in new and old ways of living, from technological innovations to tribal dances from spiritual awakenings to eco-build solutions - and all in a truly tranquil environment, free from the fumes and noise of generators, running on the quiet power of green energy.

If you are interested in ways of fulfilling yourself without exploiting others, take a walk in the Green Fields and learn how commerce can be fair, soap boxes can be provoking and food can be political (as well as tasty).  Find out how to produce the best vegetarian food – or simply tuck in.

And have some fun: this is a vast playground for kids of all ages. You can immerse yourself in music and poems and performance at Croissant Neuf and in the field of Avalon, have a laugh at a laughter workshop in the Healing Field or escape from the festivities and enjoy the quiet of  the King’s Meadow.

Or wander through markets of wares from far-away places (and just up the road), all the more beautiful for not being enjoyed at someone else’s expense.

In the Green Futures and the Greenpeace Fields you will find ideas and opportunities for responding effectively to the Earth’s challenges.

In the Craft Field you can learn to use a kiln or a forge, an axe or a lathe or even a treadle sewing machine.

In the Tipi Field, circled around the fire and totem pole, you can open yourself up to the enchantment of tribal culture, let ancient ritual transform you and potent symbols guide you to reconnect with the earth. This is the largest encampment of tipis in Europe and celebrates traditions from every corner of the planet.

If all this choice is baffling, visit First Stop for information and a taster of what is best this year. Join the gang and take a tour!

Peace, compassion and understanding are big words but in the Green Fields you’ll meet people with practical ways of finding them and making them real; ideas for personal and political change; suggestions for ways of living that aren’t based on competition and consumption; principles that inspired the first gathering at Worthy Farm and drove it to become the great event it is today.

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