The Green Fields 2017



This year you will enter the sanctuary of the Green Fields through two beautiful gateways that ask you to Think About It.  So much is happening  to us and our planet at the moment that we can feel overwhelmed and powerless. In this extraordinary network of fields you will find the space for clear and positive thought. The events, discussion, music and art found here unite us and remind us that if we join together we will be heard.

Centre your spirit in the Kings Meadow, the festival’s most sacred space. Sit in the protection of the stone circle, look down over one of the happiest,  most intoxicating long weekends of the year and let your thoughts be your own.

The Kings Meadow is home to the Peace Dome, inside which burns the eternal flame that was lit from the atomic fires of Hiroshima in 1945. The symbolism of forgiveness, remembrance, unity and transformation will help your thoughts turn to positivity. Close by, in the Peace Garden, you can breathe easy as you sit with your friends and reflect on the beauty of nature.

Join the Green Fields family and learn how you, as an individual, can make a global difference and be empowered to take back control. You’ll find healers and therapisits to help you physically and spiritually re-connect with your thinking. In the Tipi Field you can celebrate different traditions and cultures and send positive thoughts around the world. And the artisans in the Green Craft Field are giving you hands-on experience of  sustainable and low impact making right here, right now.


Green Futures have beautiful, intimate venues with an exciting line-up of bands. They have stunning Green art work, sculpture and interactive debate in their speaker’s forum.  Keep a conscious mind as you examine and explore issues raised by this year’s guest speakers who will encourage you to resist and stay positive. Speakers such as Ruby Wax, Gillian Anderson and Jenny Jones.

Let your children’s minds run free in our Green Kids Field. A huge programme of events will entertain and engage them, giving them the freedom to Think About It for themselves. A fantastic Baby Robotic Elephant will be on parade, there’s Pottery, Storytelling, Incredible Sock Wrestling and a brilliant horizontal climbing wall.

Join in the party with Croissant Neuf, whose fantastic line-up includes Tom Robinson and Steve Knightley (Show of Hands), Moya Brennen Family (Clannad) and Alabama 3 Acoustic. Whilst watching these wonderful bands, just think, their sound is delivered entirely via Solar Power.

The Green Fields are run on re-newable energy and is a meat-free and NOS-free zone.  Please don’t use NOS in any of the Green Fields or the Sacred Space.

We need your help to send a message to the world:

Come join us at the Stone Circle in the Kings Meadow at Midday on Thursday 22nd June. Let’s send a message of peace to the world by creating the biggest human Peace sign ever (the record to date is 5814 people).  

Let’s stand together and  feel the love, light and joy of being united amongst the free thinkers. We are in this together and we all have a voice. So come and be an important part of this empowering record breaking experience. It will be fun!



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