Croissant Neuf 2017

“THINK ABOUT IT” is this year’s theme,
You’ll notice the input from Croissant Neuf Team
Sustainable, Natural, Eco and Green
All in the field is healthy and clean.
Experts in their area with stimulating talk
Educating, thought provoking, walking their walk.
Our field has it’s message, when that said is done
Respect it, Enjoy it and above all – Have Fun !

Croissant Neuf Field is all about sustainability – feeding the green message through inspiring, thought provoking, gentle and subtle ways. From the moment you enter our handcrafted marsh reed archway into our village green-style arena, you will catch the waft of eco-supporting exhibits and stalls, all with their own ethnic origins.  Be it hand crafted, locally sourced, organic, fairtrade or recycled, it‘s all off-grid. There’s no electricity supplied to this field; no generators, just pure Solar Power.

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This year’s theme is “Think About It”…so we did and have invited some new and inspiring exhibits:
Putting the Bee back in Britain – a hub from the Ecotricity team to stop by and learn how to be involved in protecting and enhancing nature. Find out why neuro-active insecticides, Neonictonoids are harmful to bees and what you can do about it. Ecotalk: use customers’ bill money to buy up local land and take it back to nature.
SeedSistAs – Sensory Solutions Herbal Evolution is an arts and health-education Community Interest Company run by the SeedSistas. They will be running  interactive workshops from their Airstream Apothecary on Plant Medicine and inspire people’s connection to the earth.
Goddess Statue – a hand-built statue that reflects the Refugee Crisis, using recycled materials common in the camps, symbolizing Movement and Freedom.

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Acoustic, Electric, Iconic, Eclectic,
Classical Orchestrals to Ska, Rap and Swing,

Alternative Folk to Radio 6 Dj-ing
All Solar Powered as that’s what we do
So come and join us, we’re ready for YOU.

The legendary Croissant Neuf Venue (Thurs Eve to Sunday late) – now in it’s 31st year with its spanking new tent top – will host, as always, an eclectic line up, providing the platform for new bands to launch their music from the festival.

Performances also include Tom Robinson (Radio 6 Dj) and Steve Knightley (Show of Hands), good old friends collaborating doing their own sets and a couple together. Grammy winner Moya Brennen (Clannad) will play true traditional Celtic music with her family and friends from Ireland. Alabama 3 Acoustic will grace Croissant Neuf stage this year with their acoustic wing of Country-Acid-House legendary Brixton Phenomena complete with Larry Love’s gravelly ash-stained vocals and Nick Reynold’s bank robber melodies on harmonica they produce a raucous show – an unrivalled Marxist machine gun, Alabama Acoustic are on a mission to get you mashed!


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Our field’s Bandstand will host a constant blitz of all genres of music from Classical to Hip-Hop running – solar powered of course – from Wednesday til Sunday evening.

BIMM are excited to be partnering Croissant Neuf again this year. The Croissant Neuf Team offer valuable work experience to their our live sound, tour and event management students, plus many exciting performance opportunities for the budding artists. They will be running our Bandstand PA throughout the festival, so the students get some real-life and hands-on experience at the biggest festival in the world.

And whilst watching and dancing your socks off to these wonderful bands, remember their sound is delivered entirely via Solar Power. Just Think About It!


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