Croissant Neuf


Go on….Step over the line…. that is the Old Railway line where you will discover the legendary Croissant Neuf Field. Step out of the immense vibrant and buzzing city that Glastonbury Festival has become, walk through ‘suburbia’ into the festival outskirt villages. The Croissant Neuf field is definitely the village green of the festival with a quaint pub, minus the pub! and duck pond minus the ducks! But it does have a whole host of many pioneering and cutting edge wonders to be explored.

Step into this world of Sustainability, that buzz word that is on the tip of everyone’s tongue, or at least it should be………. and unconditionally put into practice as naturally as the sun rises each and every day. We are not here to preach but to introduce, guide and reinforce how simple it is to live a sustainable lifestyle whatever big or small steps you take. A sustainable lifestyle is one that involves methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources.


We here, in the Croissant Neuf Field, and all the core green fields, where there are no generators, no mains electric, run entirely from Solar power. No great new news here, Croissant Neuf  is, and always has been for 28 years and forever will continue to run on Solar Power = Sun makes electricity = makes sense! It is in the longer run cheaper and much cleaner than nuclear power. Our motto is “Renewable Energy Yes Please”.

At the heart of the Croissant Neuf village green is the much loved and supported Croissant Neuf Venue that will be thumping away from Thursday evening until late Sunday, kicking off with a 30 strong Guardian Gaia Choir and ending in Charlie Miller’s Soul Agent band, and everything in between. This year’s line up is a real treat for all ears including some real legends, like P’F. Sloan, Hazel O’Connor, Moya Brennan (Clannad) to young and very local recently signed Shepton Mallet band Dive In and very special guests who will become apparent. I am equally proud and honoured to be supported by all these very respected musicians. ……

The Croissant Neuf Bandstand starts on Wednesday and will be hosting popular veterans Biggles Wartime Band and many more new and wonderful acts to grace it with their presence. ……….

This village green  has its own quaint village café, Fat Belly’s Café ,who won last year’s Gold Green Traders award of the festival – cant get much higher and organic than that – need I say more!

Their power source and our Bandstand’s power source and all our LED festoon lights around the field are run by pioneers of Solar Power in Great Britain, Wind & Sun Ltd, who now reside in Herefordshire but have been our partners at Glastonbury festival since the mid 1980’s. Alongside are Lowestoft based Solar Energy Alliance who power many of the market traders lights etc…..and have their own exhibit where you can pick their brains, see their wares in action and charge your mobile phone whilst you chat.

Sustainable Building is a big and important factor in our field and you can visit Ecomotive Ltd from Bristol and discover how you can, and they did, build their own sustainable housing development. More local, right on the festivals doorstep, is Cutting Edge who can make whatever you fancy in Oak Timber framing, an example will be by the pond. In fact this Oak timber frame arch could be the start of the festival’s own Cathedral, the only thing this  festival ‘City’ lacks!

The market stalls have something to offer to every discerning buyer, everything is Fairtrade, Organic where possible, recycled, upcycled , made from natural ingredients and products and hand made. And all are hand picked for their ethnicity and green credentials as traders as well as the products they have on offer. Amongst them you will find Sensory Solutions, England’s new age Witches with their own home made herbal brews and potions to kill or cure with daily workshops so do join in.

Around the field will be dotted with craftsmanship from natural wood carvings to tables and seating built from old scaffold planks and proper thatched canopies. The pond plants will be ones that are edible, medicinal and truly sustainable as well as attractive and pleasing.
This entire field is “built” using sustainable methods and implements, apart from the marquees, agreed, potato starch marquee “canvas” doesn’t quite work! The Croissant Neuf Field will provide you with all the Ecotainment of an entire festival in its own natural scaled down way.
I, Sally Howell, of Selene Events Ltd (original Croissant Neuf partner) veteran, pioneer, supporter, festival goer, area organiser of the Glastonbury Festival has lived and learnt whilst watching this festival grow into this wondrous City it has now become.


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