Green Futures

2014 brings another chance to capture a little bit of the future. Not a high tech gadget future but a pleasant future of possibilities. A green future. welcome to the Green Futures Field. Travel the labyrinth of bright airy spaces full of colour, clutter, sound and sunshine and shake off your nature Deficiency Syndrome.

Follow the series of sunshine encrusted avenues and experience the natural delights that await. Renewably Powered, Yes Please! This field erupts with Music Venues, Art Sculptures, Permaculture, Forums and play.

Finding the best and freshest act is not hard here. our stages are packed to the brim with contemporary entertainment from Wednesday through to Sunday. The perfect place to relax and chill.

Come away with a skill to show. Regular workshops in everything from eastern dance, building a solar panel or growing your own food are found here!

All Inclusive and family friendly. All ages re catered for! As this field believes that all of us are important whatever our age, gender, race, age or sexual persuasion. As we are all stewards of the earth and should leave no trace behind us.

Check out what's happening on the button at the one stop Green Info tent by the Main Entrance to the Field.

Get Informed… Find out about fracking and why war is bad! The Green Futures Field is well stocked with charity and campaigning groups, centred by The Green Forum. The longest running speakers/workshop/discussion tent at the festival.

Enjoy your stay! Everything is a little different here. With some of the most mind glowingly beautiful, thought provoking open air art pieces and sculpture around.

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