Green Futures


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It’s now over 25 years since the Green Futures Field began to make an impact at Glastonbury. Always vibrant and always looking toward a brighter future.


Join us for a walk into a field with many directions.

You can find : The Speakers Forum, The Science Tent, Permaculture, Astrology, RSPB, Women’s Institute, Tat for Tibet, Food For A Future, Travelling Observatory, Avalon Archeology, Canal Futures, Tools for Self Reliance, RNLI, Somerset Wildlife Trust, CND, Centre for Alternative Technology. Jubilee Debt Campaign, Federation of City Farms, Women’s Environment Network amongst many more!!

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With half a dozen naturally powered stages crammed with talented acts, there’s always loads to invigorate and inspire the senses.


We believe in growing for a future. You will find plenty of good ideas placed around the field.


Got lost? Our friendly staff are here to help.


If you like arts and sculpture. We are the best!!

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Big names and celebs. Yes we have them too.

Fun in the open air 1

Well if it’s outdoor fun you are looking for – We have real grass for you to enjoy it on and sunshine to provide the energy.
Join us in 2016 for a natural time of your life……​

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