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GREEN KIDS AREA – Where kids just want to have fun


The Green Kids Area is sited at the back half of the Greenpeace Field and will be open from 8am till 9pm each day. It is an independent area, run directly by the Green Fields.  Our theme this year is SPEAK FOR YOURSELF – Have a Voice and Be Heard.

All activities in the Green Kids Field are free of charge. The area includes a children’s Performance Marquee, Children’s Art and Craft Marquees (see the notice boards for specific times of workshops), and smaller craft tents and many outside activities. Banana Fish Crafts will be making magical landscapes. There will be activities and events to amuse and entertain children of all ages, and a café and picnic area provided by Cat In The Hat. The fantastic Baby Robotic Elephant and Friends will be on parade around the field.  We also are welcoming Wooden Horse Puppet Theatre with their Cornish stories of magic, mermaids and piracy, and a certain young pixie who seems to have lost his laugh.

Other activities for this year include The Book Club, Making Stick Men, Pottery, Gymnastics, Storytelling, Robotics, Facepainting, Dark Age Jewellery, and Olde World Games with Chas and Sandy, including the bowling alley. On the music front we have a full array of DJ workshops, came and play with all the gadgets and gismos, plus songwriting, rap and poetry and music performances with Barney and his crew.

In the Games arena we have board games, jumping games, The Incredible Sock Wrestling; (World championships Sunday afternoon), and we start each morning in the Performance marquee with Gymnastics. We are having a brilliant horizontal climbing wall that all ages and abilities can have a go on.   

The Camera Obscura is back again this year to amuse and delight.

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The New Ark – Cadmus

We have a ship in the Green Kids Area –The CADMUS, based on the design for an ancient Ark. It will be “crewed” from 8am to 9pm each day, and can only be used during these times. The rules of the Ark are as follows: no children under the age of five on the decks; no climbing on the outside of the frame; no jumping off it; no smoking, drinking or glass bottles to be brought onto it;  and no interfering with the play of other children. Between 8am and 7pm each day the Cadmus is for the use of five to 14 year olds only, from 7pm to 9pm it’s for 14 to 17 year olds and adults. The views around the site you get from the top deck are worth the climb. UNDER FIVE’S ARE NEVER ALLOWED ON ANY PART OF THE SHIP, ONLY IN THE SANDY AREA UNDERNEATH.

We are having some very special things this year :

Speak for Yourself 

Comments we have had whilst decided this included “Children need a political voice because we are going to grow up and live in this world and political decisions made now will affect us in the future.” Ella (13); “It’s important to listen to children AND adults. Don’t make us feel left out.” Hope (8); “I don’t see why everyone was going ‘Hur hur hur hur hur hur hur hur hur hur hur’. It just seemed like they were really babyish. The whole thing is completely stupid! I mean, Why? Why?” Children react to a House of Commons ‘debate’.  We all have opinions. We all need a voice. We all share this world and its future. Children and young people will not be silenced. You think we don’t know what we’re talking about? Speak For Yourself!” Michael James Parker, Warrior Storyteller, Battle Poet and Host of Small Revolutions, will coach the Green Kids in standing up, speaking out, and letting the world know their views. And the world will listen.

“We can make a difference. We can make a change” Ruth (11)

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Performances and walkabouts

Come and meet Magpie the Storyteller and his Dreamcatcher of Dragons. Myths, quests and adventures for all the family. Our wonderful storyteller Calvin is back in his magical cloak for us again. We welcome back Mr Pineapple Head who will be doing clowning walkabouts and a couple of wonderful shows.  We introduce as new to the field Jimmy Juggle – a stilt walking high rise juggler with stories of trees, bees and all things flowery.

Mr Brown’s Pig 

“In a Green Field of peace and love, there is a horrible history of War. The Battle of Waterloo 1815 finished of Napoleon. The Second World War changed the map of Europe again in 1945. With models, maps and lots of toy soldiers and model airplanes; Mr Browns Pig will be explaining in detail what happened to who, where and why at Waterloo, and in general, how World War Two developed to involve everyone in some way or other.  These scenic workshops are aiming to engage children and adults into discussion and discovery of our common history through visual learning and social play.” Oh My Gosh, what is the Green Kids Area up to now?

Ms Chameleon’s Incredible Flea Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls of all ages, prepare yourselves to be AMAZED by the teeny tiny feats of these teeny tiny fleas! Ms Chameleon’s Incredible Flea Circus will knock your socks off! The crowds will “OOOOOHHHHH” as Penelope walks the dizzying tightrope, tens of centimetres off the ground! Ladies will SWOON as Hercufleas, the Strongest Flea In The Universe, moves objects hundreds of times his weight around the ring! And don’t miss Bob, the FANTASTIC high-diving flea, in his TRIPLE BACKFLIP SOMMERSAULT OF DOOM! Ms Chameleon and her exotic collection of American Fleas have sailed from the New World to DELIGHT and ASTOUND you in their latest World Tour. Audience members are encouraged to participate – new fleas always welcome to RUN AWAY with the Circus! Don’t miss out on the TINY THRILLS brought to you by these LITTLE LEGENDS of the Insect World! And now Ms Chameleon is also going to do a walkabout of Mechanical Melodies playing 78rpm shellac records on her Pramophone.

Toilet Twinning

We have joined up with the Charity Campaign for “Toilet Twinning”.  Around our lovely little clean and beautiful compost children’s toilets we will be showing pictures of the awful conditions that a lot of children in the world have to endure for their toilets. The idea is to realise how lucky we are to have clean water and proper toilets, and how we have to help the rest of the world get them as well. Not only do we have to learn to look after the creatures of the planet, we also have to learn to look after all the people on the planet – more lives are saved every year through clean toilets, than anything else.  And more lives are lost each year through bad sanitation and dirty water, than anything else.

Lost Kids Tent

Parents are responsible for their children at all times during the Festival. However, beside the Ark at the top of the field is a Lost Kids Tent where staff can provide help for any child who is lost, or for any adult who has lost a child. The tent will be open from 9am till 6pm. At other times, simply find a steward who can direct you to the 24-hour on site lost kids/welfare system. The Lost Kids tent can also be used as a first port of call by any families for any medical, emergency or other on site problem.

Toddler Area

An enclosed space for the very little ones age 0 – 5; it includes a sandpit, little teepees, soft toys, games, stories and a shady space for resting and quiet times, next to the Cat In The Hat Café.


Details of the programming for the Performance Marquee will be announced nearer the time, and also for the “Speak For Yourself” activities, including debates in Leftfield and Speakers Forum.  


Dynamix – Wonderful ….environmental games for children of all ages, and surfing.

Big Games and Sock Wrestling in the Arena – World Championships on Sunday afternoon.

The NEW Climbing Wall – this wall goes around and around, not up and down.

Old Fashioned Skill Games for all to enjoy.  The Bowling Alley Championships.

Circus Skills, Hula Hoops and Spacehoppers, Board Games and Towers of Wood.

Impromptu Stories, Walkabout Omfra, and some very strange objects.

Stories, games and nature watching around the Oak Tree

Elephant Rides



(see blackboards for specific times)

Banana Fish Crafts.

Wooden whistle making

Dark Age Jewellery and Amulets, Leather work.

Pottery – Plays with Clay.

Stick Men (and women).



Marvel in the Camera Obscura.

Cat in The Hat – kid-friendly café.

Pirate Games on The Cadmus, Open from 8 am – 9 pm each day.

Book Club – come and read to your heart’s content.

– Hope you all have a great time – Yours,   Jos and the Green Kids Team.

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