The Peace Garden


The Peace Garden can be found in Kings Meadow where the stone circle is located.  The original Hippy Garden of Love and Peace where Eastern Spirituality meets Celtic roots.  The garden was conceived out of the peace movement of the 80s and the foundation of Green Fields at the birth of Glastonbury Festival itself.  Flowers and plants lovingly grown and transported to the event are landscaped to create a seating area for you to relax in. Take time to tune into the the peace and sense of oneness found here.

Your contribution to the Peace Book would be welcome, this can be found in the area of contemplation by the pond.  You may be lucky enough to witness a Hand Fasting or blessing on Thursday.  Other ceremonies are planned too.

The Peace Garden is the place to take part in the Spiritual Opening of the Green Fields at 7pm on Wednesday the very first day of the festival, by joining in an Om for Peace. Do come along.

Details of programming can be found in Green Information at the front of Green Futures.

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